Tire Nipples, Little Rubber Things, Hairlike Things (Explained)

Buying a new car is one exciting moment for every individual. It is a feeling of success and hard work. 

Technically, as you purchase a new car, you might think it’s odd why there are nippled rubber hairlike things on the wheels. 

It is usual for new wheels to have these features. However, you don’t need to care about these features because it doesn’t harm the car’s performance.

One indication that wheels are new is if these features are visible. However, some tire manufacturers create their wheels without these tire nipples, little rubber, and hairlike things. 

It depends on what wheel manufacturer a car company is partnering with; as long as it matches the car’s needs, it doesn’t matter. 

The probable reason wheel manufacturers create their wheels is that it spices up the wheel, adding more attraction to its buyer. 

Most buyers think that these little rubber hairlike things in a tire help to keep the car getting hot. But unfortunately, the wheels can break or get flat due to frequent contact with the road, rain, or shine. 

The tire nipple, little rubber things, and hairlike things in a tire can support the wheel’s air ventilation. However, as time passes, these will wear off, but it’s okay because they give a little extra help to the wheels. 

Below let’s see how the wheel is efficient if a tire nipple, little rubber things, and hairlike things feature. 

Tire Nipples, Little Rubber Things, Hairlike Things

What Are The Nipples On A Tire?

The new tires have these nipple-like parts making them more attractive. It is the first part of your car wheels that contact the road or ground. 

As the tire wears off, these nipples will be gone like on a tire. Moreover, nipples like this are used for extra support for the anti-slip mechanism of your car, especially on wet or icy roads. Finally, it helps the tire itself to grasp successfully to the ground. 

However, even if these tiny nipples wear off, they won’t harm the performance of your car. 

What Are The Little Rubber Things On New Tires?

The little rubber things on new tires are the byproduct or design of the wheel manufacturing company. In a tire mold, the tiny rubber-like is injected, then air pressure is used to force out the liquid into all nooks and crannies of the wheel. 

When the air pressure forces the liquid rubber to its orifices, the ting bit rubber makes its way out to the hair like a thing on a car where the vents spew.

Evenrhkugh they don’t have any purpose for the car performance, the presence of these little rubbers indicates that the wheels are new. When the tire is frequently used, this rubber also wears off eventually. 

What Are The Hair Like Things On Tires?

The hairlike things on your car tires are the vent spews. The primary role of the vent spew is to give proper air ventilation inside the tire. 

Also, these hairlike things on tires avoid mold production. However, this vent will remove itself as soon as you frequently use your car. 

The hairlike feature of the wheel is also placed at the edge of each groove of the car wheels. It doesn’t have any functions, but it looks perfect on cars. 

Do You Need To Care About These?

You don’t need to care about nipples, little rubber things, and hairlike things in your wheels.

It is because it is natural if you are purchasing a new car. All new wheels have these characteristics, giving you the sense of assurance that the car wheel is in excellent and unused condition. 

However, it would help if you cared about your car wheel when it starts to look less good. It means that its expiration is near. 

Before buying a car, check the expiration date of the car wheels so that you’ll know what year you should replace them. 

It is also for safety protocol because the wheels have more contact with the ground. Hence, if it’s not in good condition, it will create damage and road accidents. 


The tire nipple, little rubber-like, and hairlike things on a car are natural. However, it is designed uniquely by the wheel manufacturer, which creates more attractions when it’s already installed on the car.

Wheels are the most used parts of the car. Therefore, it is most prone to wear off if you notice that your car wheel doesn’t look good. 

As owners, it is your responsibility to replace it with a new one. Because if you don’t, it will now affect your car performance level.

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