9 Illegal Car Modifications In Arizona (Updated For 2022)

In the aftermarket industry that has been evolving over the years now, certain vehicle modifications have begun circling the state and the federal laws of the United States. Some measures have been taken up to a lot of these vehicle modifications. But unfortunately, some modifications have become illegal in some states. 

You must obey many rules and laws for a particular place if you are currently residing in Arizona or you might be planning to move into the state. And you need to follow and comply with these laws. You also have to ensure that the vehicle modifications you are planning to do on your vehicle are legal in every state, specifically Arizona. 

Modifications of the vehicle are standard and it is usual. However, it does not mean that all of them are legal. And that is why if you are planning to do vehicle modifications to your vehicle, you will have to consider if such modifications are legal or illegal in Arizona. 

So without further ado, let us learn more about illegal car modifications in Arizona. Let us get started.

Illegal Car Modifications In Arizona

Illegal Car Mods In Arizona

You might be planning to buy a vehicle in Arizona or transfer to Arizona; you have to know which vehicle modifications are illegal and which vehicle modifications meet the legal street requirements in Arizona. If you know these illegal modifications, you can avoid penalties and fines. So here are the illegal car modifications in Arizona.  

1. Sounds And Noise

Arizona does not put some restrictions on the modifications of your vehicle that will affect the sounds that it is making, like the stereo system and the muffler. If the state does not put any restrictions on the levels of the decibels of the sounds, some requirements can be subjective on the part of any officer that heard the sounds. 

2. Sound System

The radios cannot be played at a volume that is disturbing the quiet, disturbing the sleep, or annoying the public. This is most especially between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM.

3. Mufflers

The state of Arizona has laws on the muffler, including the Vehicle mufflers that should be equipped, and they must also be in good repair so that they will not produce “unusual or excessive” noise levels. The Bypasses, cutouts, and the same devices are not permitted on those vehicles driven on the highways. 

The Exhaust systems must not also allow excessive smoke or fumes to be released into the air. The rule of thumb is to always connect with your local county laws in Arizona to ensure that you follow the municipal noise ordinances that may be more stringent than state-level laws.

4. Frame And Suspension

Arizona does not limit suspension lifts or frame heights, provided that the individuals will use fenders and will use mud flaps. However, vehicles cannot be more than thirteen feet and six inches in height.

5. Engine

Arizona laws require that your car pass the emissions testing if it will drive into the Tucson and Phoenix areas. Other than that, there are no engine modification limitations.

6. Lighting And Windows

The state of Arizona also has restrictions on the lights that can be added to modify a car and the levels of window tint that are permissible.

7. Lights

The Lights that are higher than 300 candlepower must not illuminate more than seventy-five feet in front of the vehicle. In addition, the Passenger vehicles cannot display red, blue, flashing red, and blue lights on the front center of the vehicle.

8. Window Tinting

The Non-reflective tint is permitted on the front windshield as long as it is twenty-nine inches above the driver’s seat when it is in its lowest position and as far back as possible. The Amber or red tint is not allowed. The Front driver and the passenger windows are permitted more than thirty-three percent of light to pass through.

The Rear side windows and the rear windows can be any dark. However, the Mirrored or metallic/reflective tints on the front and the backside windows cannot be over thirty-five percent reflective.

9. Antique/Classic Car Modifications

Arizona requires that antique and classic vehicles be registered as current model vehicles. In addition, they will give street rod plates for vehicles manufactured in the year 1948 or before that have modifications on the brake, modifications on the drive train, and suspension for safe use on the roads. The Modifications include fiberglass or steel in the body that permits the car to retain a basic body design of its model year while giving a safe road use, but it is not specified.

Is All Car Modding Illegal In Arizona?

The answer to this is no. Not all modifications on a vehicle are considered illegal in Arizona. 

There are modifications that you can do, and they will not interfere with the laws of Arizona. You have to identify the legal modifications and the illegal modifications.


In summary, Arizona has strict laws regarding the modification of vehicles. This has something to do with the state’s high number of street racers.

A vehicle modification will not cause a problem in the law of Arizona. But you must follow the regulations.



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