8 Illegal Car Modifications In New Jersey (Updated For 2022)

Are you currently residing in New Jersey today? Or are you planning to do a modification on your vehicle? If you live in New Jersey right now, or you could be planning to move to New Jersey, and you wish to modify your vehicle and have your vehicle customized, then this article is fit for you. 

With that, this article is made to help all of you who want to know what are illegal vehicle modifications in New Jersey. In addition, this article will help you decide which modifications to proceed to. You need to know the laws and regulations to ensure that your vehicle is legal on the street. 

And that’s why you need to know which vehicle modifications are considered illegal to know which modifications you can do and which modifications you must avoid. For example, modifications like tinting of dark windows, modification on your exhaust system so that you can drag race, or changing the appearance of your vehicle by putting some neon lights on the bottom, can be illegal. 

Each state of the United States has different laws and regulations, and these have fines that will depend on every state. You must comply with these rules to not conflict with the law. So let us start.

Illegal Car Modifications In New Jersey

Illegal Car Mods In New Jersey

Here are the illegal car modifications in New Jersey.

1. Sounds and Noise

In New Jersey, they do not have regulations on the sounds and the noises coming from the sound systems or the muffler of each vehicle.

2. Sound Systems

The statewide regulations do not cover the sound systems. Instead, the Individual counties throughout the state have their regulations and ordinances that should be followed. Failure to comply with all the local noise ordinances can result in fines and penalties of three thousand dollars or less.

3. Mufflers

The mufflers are mandated on all vehicles. The mufflers must also be in good working condition to limit unusually loud or excessively loud noises. The muffler bypasses, cutouts, and other similar devices are not allowed on highways. You must also always check with your local county laws in New Jersey to ensure that you are following the municipal noise ordinances that may be more stringent than state-level laws.

4. Frame and Suspension

In New Jersey, the frame and the suspension regulations include that vehicles cannot be more than thirteen feet and six inches in height. The lifted or elevated vehicles must pass the Elevated Vehicle Inspection. The maximum lift that is allowed is taken on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), and it is measured on the bottom of the door on the driver’s side. 

For GVWR less than 4,501, the maximum height is seven inches higher than the factory. For GVWR 4,501 to 7,500, the maximum height is nine inches higher than the factory. For GVWR 7,501 to 10,000, the maximum height is eleven inches higher than the factory. The front lift blocks are not allowed also. 

The suspension system must use the essential elements used by the vehicle manufacturer and should follow the original geometry of the system. The bumpers must not be less than 16 inches off the ground.

5. Engine

In New Jersey, they do not have engine modification or swap regulations. However, emissions testing is required.

6. Lighting and Windows

Only one spotlight is allowed. Two auxiliary lamps are allowed, but they should be covered on roadways. The red, amber, and blue LED, strobe, or rotating lights require a permit for use as warning lights.

7. Window Tinting

The Windshield must not be tinted. There is no tint allowed on the front side windows. The backside and rear windows can have any dark tint. The side mirrors are mandated if the back window is tinted. And reflective tint is not allowed.

8. Antique/Classic Car Modifications

New Jersey has historic and street rod plates available for twenty-five or more years old, and those vehicles are only driven for parades, exhibitions, and other similar events.

Is All Car Modding Illegal In New Jersey?

No, not all car modifications are illegal in New Jersey. But unfortunately, there are several illegal modifications in New Jersey. 

However, not all modifications are illegal. Therefore, you have to learn which are legal and which are illegal. 


In summary, people reside in New Jersey and are still planning to move into New Jersey. And these people are curious about the illegal modifications on every vehicle. 

There are many illegal vehicle modifications that you can do to your vehicle. It would help if you avoided these modifications. You must not conflict with the law.



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