8 Illegal Car Modifications In Kansas (Updated For 2022)

In the aftermarket industry that has been evolving through the years now, specific modifications have begun skirting the state and federal laws of the US. As a result, some measures were taken to curtail many of these modifications. 

But unfortunately, some have become illegal in some states, and others have become illegal. You have to obey any rules and laws for a specific place if you are currently residing in Kansas or you might be planning to move into the state. 

And you have to obey these laws, and you also have to ensure that the modifications you will do on your vehicle are legal in every state, specifically in Kansan. It is also challenging to go outside every day and not see one vehicle that has not received any modifications in the automotive aftermarket world. 

Modifications of the vehicle are standard and it is usual. However, it does not mean that all of them are legal. 

And so, if you are planning to do modifications on your vehicle, you will have to consider if such modifications are legal or illegal in your state, in this case, Kansas.

So without further ado, let us learn more about illegal vehicle modifications in Kansas. Let us start.

Illegal Car Modifications In Kansas

Illegal Car Mods In Kansas

Here are the illegal car modifications in Kansas.

1. Sounds and Noise

Iowa has laws about the sound systems and the mufflers of the vehicles. In addition, they will also require that the horns must be heard from two hundred feet. 

However, they should not be harsh or very loud. They must also not make a whistling sound.

2. Sound System

Kansas requires all vehicles to follow their strict sound level laws. Suppose you are traveling thirty-five miles per hour or less, near grass or other soft areas or surfaces. In that case, the sound levels will not be over seventy-six decibels or eighty decibels above thirty-five miles per hour for vehicles weighing less than ten thousand pounds. 

If you are traveling thirty-five miles per hour or less near a challenging area or surfaces like roadways, then the decibel level must not exceed seventy-eight or eighty-two if you are traveling over thirty-five miles per hour. 

Those vehicles weighing over ten thousand pounds must not produce more than eighty decibels if you are traveling near soft areas or surfaces as thirty-five miles per hour or less and ninety decibels if you are traveling more than thirty-five miles per hour. Also, those vehicles weighing over ten thousand pounds near problematic areas or surfaces must not exceed eighty decibels when traveling under thirty-five miles per hour or ninety-two decibels when traveling over thirty-five miles per hour. 

3. Mufflers

The Mufflers are mandated to be in proper working condition. You also need to check with your local county laws in Kansas to ensure that you follow the municipal noise ordinances that may be more stringent than state-level laws.

4. Frame and Suspension

The area of Kansas does not have vehicle suspension, frame, or bumper height limits, but vehicles must not be taller than fourteen feet tall, including all the modifications.

5. Engine

Kansas does not currently have any engine swap or modification regulations today. They also do not require emissions tests.

6. Lighting and Windows

The Neon ground effects lighting is allowed, provided that they are not red and not flashing. The light tubes are not visible. Those Vehicles other than those used for emergency responders must not have red lights visible. 

There must be No flashing lights. They are not permitted. All the lights visible from the front of the vehicle must be a shade between red and amber.

7. Window Tinting

The Non-reflective tint can be applied on the top of the windshield above the AS-1 line from the manufacturer. The Frontside, backside, and rear windows must be allowed over thirty-five percent light through. 

The Mirrored or metallic tint is not allowed. The Red tint is also not allowed. The two side mirrors are mandated if the rear window is tinted.

8. Antique/Classic Car Modifications

Kansas is giving antique plates for vehicles over thirty-five years old and has original components other than those added for safety. 

To add, the Vehicles must have an antique title from the state of Kansas, and the Vehicles that are more than thirty-five years old have been modified into street rods that are not eligible for antique plates.

Is All Car Modding Illegal In Kansas?

Not all vehicle modifications are illegal in Kansas. Unfortunately, there are several illegal vehicle modifications in Kansas. 

However, not all vehicle modifications are illegal. Therefore, you have to know which are legal and which are illegal. 


In summary, there are people currently living in Kansas, and there are also people who are still planning to move into Kansas. These people are curious about the illegal modifications on every vehicle. 

There are many illegal vehicle modifications that you can do to your vehicle. It would help if you avoided these modifications.



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