Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal In Illinois? (2022 Updated)

Many people are curious if the cold air intake is illegal in Georgia. Modifications on every vehicle are already a part of integral parts of the vehicle’s culture. So let us know more about it.

So are cold air intakes illegal in Illinois? The answer to this question is yes. Cold air intake is illegal in Illinois.

If you are currently living today in Illinois or you might be planning to move into the state, you have to follow a lot of rules and laws for that specific place. And you have to follow those laws, and you have to make sure that the modifications on your vehicle are legal in every state. Modifications of the vehicle are prevalent, but it does not mean that all of them are legal. 

Unfortunately, some have become illegal in some states, and others have become illegal. And so, if you are planning to install a cold air intake or strap-on lightbars on your vehicle, you have to consider if such modifications are legal and illegal in your state. So let us learn more about this. 

This is important for those people who own a vehicle and are in Illinois right now. You should be able to learn not to cross with the law. Let us get started.

Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal In Illinois

Are Cold Air Intakes Legal In Illinois?

There are a lot of cold air intake systems that are illegal in their respective jurisdictions. However, there are ways to make the oil-air intake system leg across all fifty states. It is also difficult to go outside every day and not see one vehicle that has not received any modifications in the automotive aftermarket world. 

A cold air intake system is considered one of the essential aftermarket upgrades that you can install on your vehicle. If you install one in your ride, you will have more horsepower from your engine. But this is not the case with the state regulatory authorities. 

A specific unit must receive a CARB executive order or EO number. And this is something that manufacturers of this aftermarket equipment will have to provide for each unit they will sell.  

List Of Legal Cold Air Intakes In Illinois

Unfortunately, there is no list of cold air intakes in Illinois. The intake system is legal for street use in most states, but it is not legal in the streets of Illinois.

Can Cold Air Intakes Be Shipped To Illinois?

It is not stated whether cold air intake can be shipped to Illinois, but there is no point in shipping it if it is illegal. All the K&N series intakes for North American vehicles are receiving CARB EO numbers, and they are street legal in fifty states. 

There are some intake systems that we are selling in the beginning with the prefixes 63, 69, 77, and RK but are not legal to use in California and some other places. A cold air intake is just a small investment with a big payoff. A cold air intake can provide a decent horsepower boost for a small investment.

Why Are Some Cold Air Intakes Illegal?

If the air flows through the cold air intake, it will get denser as it turns colder. With that, there will be more oxygen in a smaller air volume, and because the cold air intake will affect the engine, a clogged, dirty, or failing cold air intake will then decrease the performance of the car together with its fuel economy. The pods are not illegal, but it is illegal to have two intake mods.

What Car Mods Are Illegal In Illinois?

If you are a self-identified auto enthusiast, you might have a major crush on vehicle modifications. But most of the sought car modifications are illegal in many cities, especially in Illinois. So here are the vehicle modifications that are illegal in Illinois.

1. Sound and Noise

Illinois has stringent regulations implemented to control the amount of noise that the vehicles are permitted to emit. In addition to the sound system and the muffler, Illinois will not permit the squealing of the tires unless it is an emergency.

2. Sound System

The Illinois regulations will require that the sound system is not audible within twenty-five feet of property lines in residential areas. 

3. Mufflers

The mufflers will be required and should be in good working condition, and they should not emit sounds higher than eighty-five decibels when going over thirty-five miles per hour. The mufflers will not be altered to produce sounds louder than the original manufacturer’s equipment.

4. Frame and Suspension

Illinois has the following regulations implemented to the vehicle frame and suspension systems. The vehicles must not exceed thirteen feet and six inches in height. In addition, the suspension modifications must not lift or lower the vehicle bumper height by three inches. 

The vehicles under 4,500 GVWR have a maximum frame height of twenty-four inches. The vehicle from 4,501 to 7,500 GVWR has a maximum frame height of twenty-six inches. Vehicles from 7 501 to 10,000 GVWR have a maximum frame height of twenty-eight inches. 

Vehicles of over 4,500 pounds and under a maximum front bumper height of twenty-four inches and a rear bumper height of twenty-six inches. Those vehicles between 4,501 and 7,500 pounds have a maximum front bumper height of twenty-seven inches and a rear bumper height of twenty-nine inches. And those vehicles between 7,501 and over 9,000 pounds have a maximum front bumper height of twenty-eight inches and a rear bumper height of thirty inches.

5. Engine

Many counties in Illinois will require emission testing.

6. Lighting and Windows

The red and white rotating or flashing lights are not permitted on passenger vehicles. The flashing amber lights are not permitted in passenger vehicles. 

The blue stationery and flashing lights are not permitted on passenger vehicles. The fog lights are allowed, and one spotlight is permitted.

7. Window Tinting

The non-reflective tint can be applied to the top six inches of the windshield, and the front side windows, backside windows, and rear windows must allow more than thirty-five percent of light to pass through. In addition, all the window tints must be non-reflective.

8. Antique/Classic Car Modifications

Illinois requires the street rods and the customer vehicles to be titled and then registered by the make of the vehicle’s body and the year it was also created to resemble. The vehicle is known to be a street rod, and it will resemble a model from 1948 or older. The vehicle is a customer vehicle and resembles a 1949 model or newer.


In summary, vehicle drivers should know about the legal restrictions in every state. They should be aware of the prohibited modifications to not conflict with the law. 

Many curious people have wanted to know whether cold air intake is illegal in Illinois. And yes, cold air intake is illegal in Illinois. And that is why you should not do this modification.



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