Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal In Utah? (2022 Updated)

Modifications of the vehicle are prevalent, but it does not mean that all of them are legal. Unfortunately, some have become illegal in some states, and others have become illegal. Let us learn more about this.

So are cold air intakes illegal in Utah? The answer to this question is yes. Therefore, cold air intake is illegal in Utah.

Many people are curious if cold air intake is illegal in Utah. Modifications on every vehicle are already a part of integral parts of the vehicle’s culture. 

It is also tough to go outside every day and not see one vehicle that has not received any modifications in the automotive aftermarket world. If you are currently living today in Utah, or you might be planning to move into the state, you have to follow many rules and laws for that specific place. 

And you have to follow those laws, and you have to make sure that the modifications on your vehicle are legal in every state. So let us know more about it. And so, if you are planning to install a cold air intake or strap-on lightbars on your vehicle, you have to consider if such modifications are legal and illegal in your state. 

So let us learn more about this. Let us get started.

Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal In Utah

Are Cold Air Intakes Legal In Utah?

A cold air intake system is considered one of the essential aftermarket upgrades that you can install on your vehicle. If you install one in your ride, you will have more horsepower from your engine. 

But this is not the case with the state regulatory authorities. A specific unit must receive a CARB executive order or EO number. 

And this is something that manufacturers of this aftermarket equipment will have to provide for each unit they will sell. There are a lot of cold air intake systems that are illegal in their respective jurisdictions. 

However, there are ways to make the oil-air intake system leg across all fifty states. It is also challenging to go outside every day and not see one vehicle that has not received any modifications in the automotive aftermarket world. 

List Of Legal Cold Air Intakes In Utah

Unfortunately, there is no list of cold air intakes in Utah. The intake system is legal for street use in most states, but it is not legal in the streets of Utah.

Can Cold Air Intakes Be Shipped To Utah?

All the K&N series intakes for North American vehicles are receiving CARB EO numbers, and they are street legal in fifty states. A cold air intake is just a small investment with a big payoff. A cold air intake can provide a decent horsepower boost for a small investment.

Why Are Some Cold Air Intakes Illegal?

If the air flows through the cold air intake, it will get denser as it turns colder. With that, there will be more oxygen in a smaller air volume, and because the cold air intake will affect the engine, a clogged, dirty, or failing cold air intake will then decrease the performance of the car together with its fuel economy. 

What Car Mods Are Illegal In Utah?

Here are the vehicle modifications that are illegal in Utah.

1. Sound and Noise

Utah has different regulations about the sounds that your vehicle is making. There is no specific statewide noise ordinance in Utah, but each county has its laws that you must follow. Therefore, you have to make sure that you check with your local government offices so you will not violate any laws with your sound system.

2. Mufflers

The mufflers are required to prevent any unusual or excessive noise. The mufflers with bypasses, cutouts, and other devices that alter the engine’s sound are not permitted. You always have to check with your local county laws in Utah.

3. Frame and Suspension

Utah does not limit the suspension and the bumper heights, but the frame height is regulated based on Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

4. Engine

Utah will not list any engine swap or modifications regulations, but those in Weber, Davis, and Salt Lake are mandated to pass the emission testing.

5. Lighting and Windows

The rotating lights are permitted only in emergency vehicles and school buses, the rotating or flashing blue lights are permitted on police vehicles, and two spotlights are permitted.


In summary, curious people have wanted to know whether cold air intake is illegal in Utah. And yes, cold air intake is illegal in Utah, so it would be better to avoid it.

Car drivers should know this. They must be aware of the prohibited modifications. And they should also be aware of the unprohibited modifications.



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