Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal In North Carolina? (2022 Updated)

Many car owners, either men or women, spend money upgrading and modifying their vehicles to look more attractive. Also, as you modify your car, the performance level and sound become more enthusiastic to drive. 

So, are cold air intakes illegal in North Carolina? No, cold air intakes are not illegal in North Carolina. Hence, it is illegal in some parts of the West Coast of California. 

The global market for car modification has increased throughout the year. It shows that today, the signs of car modification are not slowing down because more and more individuals are dwelling on upgrading their cars. 

Upgrading a car is a great feeling once you are a car addict. However, there are laws that the government places over modifying your vehicles in a country. So, before you modify your vehicle, make sure that you know the rules and regulations of the state about the matter. 

It’s not illegal to modify your car if it follows the state law’s requirements for all car owners. However, once you break the law, you will be fined to pay an amount weighted on your crime. If you don’t want to pay any fine, read more information below. 

Are Cold Air Intakes Illegal In North Carolina

Are Cold Air Intakes Legal In North Carolina?

Yes, cold air intakes are legal in North Carolina. Cold air intakes work as the one that sucks the cool air into the engine for combustion. Upgraded cold air intakes make the oxygen denser, giving the vehicle more power. 

If the car has more combustion, it will also create a loud sound as you accelerate. However, it is still legal as long as it creates slighter hot air inside the engine compartment. 

You can also get benefits by installing a new upgraded cold air intake. It also removes the air filter’s aftermath, replacing it with smoother air in the intake tubes. 

You are allowing your engine to have uninterrupted airflow while running. Moreover, if the scenario is that you have a broken cold air intake, you are required to replace it because your car will not accelerate well with broken cold air intakes. 

List Of Legal Cold Air Intakes In North Carolina?

Here are the top legal cold air intakes that you can only install in your car when living in North Carolina. 

1. K&N 71 Series Blackhawk Air Intake

It is the best cold air intake unit for your car if you want to have a custom fit mechanism. In addition, the performance of K&N 71 series Blackhawk air intakes is supplemented with oil-free systems, making it easier to obtain a superior engine performance. 

The best highlight of this intake is it contains lightweight aluminum tubing that reduces the restriction to receiving a consistent flow for denser air. 

2. Injen SP Series Cold Air Intake

The second best cold intake model; is the Injen SP series. If your vehicle needs top-end power, this intake is the best fit for your car.

The Injen SP series cold air intakes use the Mega Ram Technology, giving you the correct shape and size for the intake tube that works perfectly for a top-end engine. It is built with aerospace-grade aluminum lightweight material. 

Once you install this kind of cold air intake, your vehicle will sound like a heavy fighter when you accelerate it to its limit.

3. AIRAID Intake System

The AIRAID intake system delivers the best flow and power to the engine. As a result, its manufacturers take the product seriously to provide its client the superior performance outcome. 

Once you install this intake, your car will take you on heights, giving your acceleration combustion more drive. 

Can Cold Air Intakes Be Shipped To North Carolina?

Yes, it can be shipped to North Carolina. As you purchase your cold air intake, you should fill up forms and cite your address, and you can choose a courier that is applicable in your state. 

Why Are Some Cold Air Intakes Illegal?

Some countries ban cold air intake upgrades. However, once you install it, it makes your car loud once you start the engine and accelerate. 

Cold air intakes create more sound inside the engine. It is illegal in some countries because it becomes annoying and disturbing to people on the road. 

What Car Mods Are Illegal In North Carolina?

One central car illegal model in North Carolina is the Tesla car. They prohibit any electronic car model because of its engine.

Tesla cars have an upgraded cold air intake which means once you start its engine, it will give you a heavy fighter sound that is very annoying. However, Tesla cars are known to be a work of art because of their complex and fine finishing; hence, they are not for North Carolina. 


The cold air intakes have their ups and downs. First, cold intakes are helpful to give your car more power as you accelerate. Second, as you install cold intakes, be ready for how your car sounds because it will be loud and annoying. 

Moreover, upgrading or modifying your car is costly. Also, it can lead to imprisonment once you break the law of the state you are in. As a responsible owner, be sure about what parts you modify or change in your car, especially your cold air intakes.



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