Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car? (Explained)

Once you own a car, one of the trendy activities is the moment when you modify its look. Of course, the more gorgeous modifications you’ve made in your car, the more attention it gets on the road. 

So, can you put Christmas lights on your car? Technically, it is not allowed to put Christmas lights on the inside and outside your car. 

Anything unusual and distracting to the brake light increases the potential risk on the road. It is not suitable to put an unnecessary Christmas life for safety reasons because it creates confusion for you and other vehicles behind you.

Using Christmas lights on your car every day is illegal, but if you are putting the lights up for a holiday parade or party. 

If you are decorating your car with lights, make sure that you keep the lights off while driving on the main road. Only turn the lights once you are in the event or in the designated place you are supposed to be.

Whatever your reason, you put Christmas lights on your car, ensure it is safe, and still follow the road rules. This article will guide you on the limitation of putting a Christmas light on your car and its reason.

Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car

Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car?

Yes, you can put Christmas lights on your car. However, only during Christmas Holiday or any one day occasion. If you install it for no reason to beautify your car, you may get in trouble in this matter.

For example, it would help place your Christmas lights on the Christmas tree, not your car. Your car already has designated lights that are used for safety purposes. 

How Do You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car?

Here are the ways to put Christmas lights on your car.

1. Get a power inverter, or you can buy a 12 Volt Christmas light. Christmas lights are typically used for home decoration only, but you can still use them on cars.

2. After that you can attach the lights carefully. Depending on how you want to place it, you can either zip it to the tiles or magnet it on the roof of your car to keep it in place. Then you can start tucking in the wires of the Christmas lights. 

3. Safety first is the third step. You should always be careful because you might get electrocuted if you place it without precautions.

Are Christmas Lights On Cars Illegal?

Yes, it’s illegal to place Christmas Lights on your cars. However, there are exemptions about this matter, especially during the Christmas holiday. 

Moreover, if there are no occasions, never put any unusual lightning in your car because it will drive confusion to the vehicle at your back.

Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car In Texas?

Texas allows its citizens to put Christmas lights on their cars during holidays or occasions. Hence, on ordinary days they don’t allow it. 

Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car In Oregon?

The same thing goes for Oregon. They allow people to modify their cars during holidays and special occasions with Christmas lights. However, they limit the path that this car should pass; more likely, they don’t allow it to light those Christmas lights if the car passes on the town highways. 

Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car In Virginia?

Yes, you can put a Christmas light on your car in Virginia. But, moreover, only during special occasions like Christmas day. 

Moreover, Virginia has an excellent road regulation; their policeman is attentive to it. Once they notice that your car isn’t following the rules, they might ask you to come with them to the police station and pay your respective fines. 

Can You Put Christmas Lights On Your Car In California?

In California, they allow their people to put Christmas lights on their cars during the Christmas season. However, it has limitations because it becomes dangerous, especially on the road. 

California is a rigorous city when it comes to its road regulation. It is because they give all their best to maintain the order of their highways. It is why you should follow it or else you’ll get a fine. 


In summary, your car’s brake lights serve a particular function for your safety. Hence, putting on a Christmas light is inappropriate, especially if there is no special occasion. 

It will create confusion and distraction on the r, leading to severe accidents. You may get all the attention of other drivers, but it will also result in damage on the road. 

Lastly, if you want to put on a Christmas light, be aware of its limitation; never light it up when your car is running on the main highway of your town because it may confuse others, which is the brake lights and Christmas lights.



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