Can You Put Different Brand Tires On Your Car? (Explained)

The car wheels are the most used parts of a car. It is because it is the one that has a direct impact on the roads. Once your car wheels are not working correctly, you can’t use your car unless you’ve changed the wheels.

So, can you put different brand tires on your car? Usually, you should avoid mixing different brands of tires and different tread patterns.

The sameness of your car tire brands has a significant effect on your car safety and performance. But, of course, if you have the same wheels on your cars, you will also have the same size, tread pattern, load index, and the same speed rating. 

Driving your car with mismatched tire size, construction, load indexes, or speed can get you in danger and other drivers. You should always follow the vehicle manufacturer specification your car has pr you can consult a professional car specialist.

If you are saving money because your car needs an expensive wheel, you should already think about it the moment you buy your car. Because it is already your responsibility once, there are parts that your car needs to replace or maintain, most specifically your wheels.

Can You Put Different Brand Tires On Your Car

Do All 4 Tires Need To Be The Same Brand?

Yes, all of the four tires should be the same brand. All car manufacturers never use a mismatched wheel because it will affect the safety and quality performance of the car.

It is also stated on your owner manual that you should only use wheels with the same brand. If there are instances that you want to change the brand you want because your car wheel is quite expensive, that is OK as long as you replace all 4. 

Can You Replace One Tire With A Different Brand?

First, if you want to replace one of your tires with a different brand because it is the only one damaged, you may need to consult a car mechanic.

A brand uses the same character but is only different in name. Mixing tires is unavoidable, especially if you lack the budget, then you should find a brand that has the same tread pattern and axle.

Is It Bad To Have One Mismatched Tire?

Having a mismatched tire is not a good practice for car owners. It is because the specification and quality are not the same. So when you replace a tire with a different brand, be sure that it is identical to other wheels. 

Moreover, if you have no idea what brands have the exact specification as your current tires, you may ask for help from your car manufacturer. 

Usually, car manufacturers will advise you to have the same tires all at once; they know what will happen if two different tires are installed.

Is It OK To Have Two Different Tire Brands?

No, having two different tire brands is not OK. However, if you replace only two tires on your vehicle, these new tires will probably have a deeper tread depth than your older ones.

Mixing different tread depths is not good because it will only decrease the driving performance of your car. In addition, these new tire brands may provide you less grip on the rear axle, which may cause a loss of stability of your car on a slippery road. 

However, if you have a front-wheel-drive car, there are exceptions to mismatch your tires, but you still need to consult your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook or car specialist.

Is It OK To Have Different Brands Tires On The Front And Back?

As possible, you should have the same brand’s tires on the front and back of your car. However, if you plan to replace only one, you may need to read your car’s manual first. 

It is because it’s hazardous to have different brand tires on the front and back; it will not provide you the same capacity and performance. Also, once your car has a different car, it won’t provide the same component and mechanism while you’re driving.

Moreover, you may get into an accident because having different tire brands decreases your car’s anti-slip mechanism. Your mismatch wheel might not be able to support your car weight or speed if this happens. 


In summary, your car should always have the same brand of wheels. Though it’s expensive, you should take the risk because you will have better-driving performance.

Unlike if you have a different car wheel tire brand installed on your car, you won’t get the full potential of these wheels because they have different tread patterns. If you want to have a quality and safe drive, make sure that you maintain the condition of your wheels. 

Lastly, as a driver, before you make a move, make sure that you already consult your car manufacturer before replacing your will with the brand you like.



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