Can You Put Police Lights On Your Car? (Explained)

In a dangerous situation, police lights call for an emergency and alarm people. It is not used for design to modify a car. 

So, can you put police lights on your car? Putting flashing colored lights like police lights on your car is illegal for civilians. Only police officers and ambulances are legally prohibited by the law to use these flashy lights. 

In the United States, the red and blue lights for cars are commonly used only by the country’s ambulances, police cars, and police motorcycles. If you are a civilian in a state, you are not allowed to do such an act because you will end up in jail if you do so. 

Police lights are for emergency and crime-busting; they are not used for unimportant matters. Using it for nothing can create a misunderstanding that might become a severe problem. 

Typically, ambulances use these red and blue police lights to warn the vehicles around to make a way because a person needs to be admitted right away. For police cars and motorcycles, blue and red lights are used to alarm people that they are chasing a criminal on the road. 

You shouldn’t use it, yet if you are an officer or are prohibited by the law to use it on your car, you can put it on your car. 

Can You Put Police Lights On Your Car

Is It Legal To Put Police Lights On Your Car?

In the United States, it is not legal to put police lights on your car. It is stated in their government law that civilians can’t use it. Hence, if you are a policeman or health care worker that drives an ambulance, you can put on a police light.

Moreover, if you are a police officer and there is a situation where you need to use your car’s red and blue light, you are still allowed to do so. 

Can You Put Lights On Top Of Your Car?

It depends if it’s a normal light you can put it on the top of your car but only during an occasion. Hence, it is illegal if you want to use the police lights on your car without any reason. 

Can You Have Red And Blue Lights On Your Car?

No, because red and blue lights are not for design. Yes, it is light, but it has a purpose, and you should use it appropriately. 

All state laws define control in using red and blue lights on public vehicles. Red and blue lights are used only visibly on a designated vehicle. The local fire department, ambulance, and emergency are allowed to use these flashing lights. 

It creates this car a recognition that they are used for important matters. Once these designated people use these lights, they turn them off. 

Can I Have A Blue Light On My Car?

Yes, you can put a blue light on your car. Without the red light on its side, you cannot tell that it is a police light. If you put a blue light on your car, it should not destroy others from driving. 

If your primary purpose in putting a blue is to make your car attractive, you can do it without getting involved in the law. 

Can You Have Strobe Lights On Your Car?

You can do it if you put the lights inside your car because strobing lights outside might blind other drivers and can cause accidents.

Can You Have A Police Siren On Your Car?

If you are a civilian and putting a police siren car on your car, it results in some jail time. In addition, you will be charged for destruction and using law tools illegally. If you don’t want to go to jail, never play with a police siren.

Can You Put Police Lights On Your Car In The UK?

In the UK, they also strongly disagree with civilians putting police lights on their cars because you should use police lights only for ambulances and police cars or motorcycles. But, aside from police cars and ambulances, no other various cars can use it. 


In summary, using a police light has limits. You can’t use it for fun, party, or civilian occasions. You can use it only for crime-busting, fire-related, and emergencies. Once you violate your country’s rules related to using a police light, you might get in serious trouble. 

Once civilians use a police light, illegal traffic can create confusion for other people. People around will start to panic or go another way around. Only police officers and mental health providers who drive ambulances can use it. 

Lastly, if you’re planning to put police lights on your car, you might need to rethink the act. It won’t do you any good. Hence it will lead you to serve some jail time.



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