Can You Put Flags On Your Car? (Explained)

A flag symbolizes the country you are living in. Displaying it on your car means showing support and enthusiasm for your country.

So, can you put flags on your car? Yes, you can put a flag on your cat. You can display one flag or two flags on both sides above your car window. 

It can be the flag of your favorite sports team or your national flag. It is not prohibited to put these in your car because there is no such law that restricts people from having one. 

These flags can also quickly grab attention since it flaps in the wind while you drive, and their colorful logos are printed on them. Nowadays, these are found in several personal vehicles, but commonly you can see these in presidential cars and police officers’ cars. 

The presidential cars, officials, and police officers’ cars have these flags on both sides located in front of the car or in front of the side mirrors. Flags don’t just symbolize patriotism but also a trademark of status. 

Even though you are a civilian, you can still put flags in your car as long as the size of it will not be a hindrance while you are driving. Below is your guide about putting flags on your car. 

Can You Put Flags On Your Car

Can I Attach A Flag To My Car?

Attaching a flag to your car is okay. The flag means that you patronize your country or any sports flag team you idolize. 

Usually, the size of these flags for cars is small due to safety purposes. However, it creates attraction because this flag can also be an excellent accessory for your car. 

It creates uniqueness from any other car on the street. If you are idolizing or patronizing a flag, you can buy it on the market quickly. Some flags are personalized and made for you; you can put your face on them or anything you like. You have all the freedom to put a flag on your car because it is not illegal. 

Hence, if your country prohibits you from putting a flag on your car because they have a specific person that uses it, you need to follow the law of your country.

Where Do You Put A Flag On Your Car?

You can mount your flag on either the center of the roof, the passenger side of your car’s hood, or on the rear of your car’s trunk. 

Also, you can put it at the center of your car’s face. Officials usually put it in front of the car face or at the side of the car’s mirror. 

How Fast Can You Drive With Car Flags?

You can drive with car flags up to 70mph, and it is perfect for events, parades, and rep your favorite sports team. You don’t need to worry that your flag might fly at you while driving because it is made of high-quality polyester and has a firm stand. 

What Size Is A Car Flag?

The most recommended flag size for a car is 11.5 x 18. It comes with a white plastic car window pole to hold it perfectly. Another car flag has a magnetic pole, and it is okay to put in all types of moving vehicles. 


In summary, symbolizing a status is putting car flags on your car’s hood. You can commonly see it in official, presidential, and police officer cars. 

Lastly, putting a flag on your car is not illegal as long as it will not create any destruction to you while driving. Because if you put a large flag, you may get into an accident if you are not careful enough.



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