Car Sounds Like It Has a Flat Tire but Doesn’t (5 Reasons)

In some instances, you might feel that your car has a flat tire, but it doesn’t because of the annoying sounds. Unfortunately, you can’t escape this situation because it happens to all cars. 

So, how will you know a car sounds like it has a flat tire but doesn’t? Rattling, howling, and clicking is examples that sound like it has a flat tire but doesn’t. Usually, if this sound is present, the damaged area is the bearing of your wheels. 

There are similarities between the sound of a flat tire and the sound of the damaged bearing wheels. But before you conclude on what damage your car has, you need to check it first.

Problems occur on every car, and as the owner, it’s your responsibility to check and get your car to maintain. Checking your car every day will prevent you from future accidents that will put your life at risk. 

Before you, for a long drive, you should check everything five days before your holiday trip. So, you still have a lot of time to get it fixed and replaced if your car needs something. 

As a newbie, you should check this article to get familiar with the damaged car’s sound. Check out more below!

Car Sounds Like It Has a Flat Tire but Doesn't

Why Car Sounds Like It Has A Flat Tire But Doesn’t?

Here is the reason why your car creates a sound like it has a flat tire, although it doesn’t:

1. Your Car Have Low Air Pressure

If your car wheel has low air pressure, it might be why it makes an annoying sound. Compare the pressure on all of your wheels and see if one of them is lower than the normal pressure a wheel needs. If the reason is correct, fill it until it achieves the normal pressure. 

2. Your Car Have A Worn Tire

Worn tires or overused wheels are the second reason a car sounds flat, but it isn’t. You Can check this by checking the tread on your car wheels with a penny. If it’s less than 1/16 inch of tread life, you need to buy new tires. 

3. Your Car Front Wheels Are Not Aligned

If you have misaligned car wheels, it will cause a flat tire-like sound when you start to accelerate your car. If this happens to you, take your car to a mechanic right away to get it fixed.

4. Your Car Rim Is Rusty

Having a rusty car rim can also create a usual sound of flat tire-like. In addition, having rusty rims will create a stingy sound that is very alarming. So, if you won’t act immediately, your rims might get you into a car accident. 

5. Your Car Lug Nut Isn’t Properly Screwed

The fifth reason your car sounds like it has a flat tire but doesn’t is due to the improper placement of its lug nut. It is possible if you have this malfunction, your wheels might fall apart while accelerating. As a result, it will damage your car, and worse, can cause death to you.

Knowing these reasons, you need to be cautious about them because it might help you distinguish what is wrong with your car. 

What To Do When Your Car Sounds Like It Has A Flat Tire But Doesn’t?

If you already know that your car doesn’t have a flat tire but is still creating unusual sounds, jack up your car and start checking underneath and the side area of the car. 

If you notice no problem in those areas, maybe the machine inside your car is the problem. You may need to call for professional help to attend to your problem correctly. 

How To Prevent These Flat Tire Sounds?

To prevent having flat tire sounds, always check and ensure that your tires are correctly inflated, have updated maintenance, and have professionals check the proper alignment of the wheels on both ends. 

You can do twice a year car maintenance if needed to preserve the optimum level of every car’s accessories.


In summary, there are reasons why your car is creating a different sound than usual. Being alert about it also means valuing your car’s optimum capacity. Finally, having a well-maintained car means giving importance to your safety.

It is easy to know that your car needs to get fixed if it gives you a warning; please don’t hesitate to attend to its needs. Because if you don’t you might get your car more damaged and you might also spend more money than fixing only the damaged part. 

As a car owner, be mindful of your car needs. If your car gets maintained every year, you are aware of the safety it can give you.



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