Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire? (Explained!)

If your tire breaks down, the best thing to do is call for help or a tow service. Especially if your tire issue is severe and you can’t mend it 

So, who to call when you have a flat tire? Sixty-five percent of vehicle owners call 911 for roadside assistance. Especially if you are out of town, 911 should be your best option. After calling them, they will automatically connect you to the responsible people for the car service. 

It can be dangerous getting stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire at any time. Especially between extreme conditions and traffic, because it is hazardous that another vehicle might hit yours. Getting stuck can also cause irritability of those cars at your back and traffic. 

If you are a new driver who’s never experienced having a flat tire or just a new car owner, this article will tell you all the facts you need to know how to act fast when you have tire trouble. Also, to give you knowledge about what to do if you have no spare wheels and the road assistance you should call. 

Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire

Who Can You Call When You Have A Flat Tire?

Here is the subject that you should call if you have a flat tire:

1. Call The 911

Calling 911 is the first subject you should call if you have a tire breakdown because these professionals will automatically help you.

2. Walk Around And Look For Vulcanizing Shop

If you are near the town, you can pull over your car and walk around and look or ask for vulcanizing shops because there are widespread vulcanizing shops in a town nearby. 

3. Go To The Nearest Walmart

If your tire has a slow flow of air and you can still drive it, it’s best to directly go to the nearest Walmart since they also offer car service. 

4. Call For A Friend

If your friend is nearby and you have no tow service contact, you can ask your friend if they have a tow service contact.

5. Call Your Family

You can also call your family for assistance, and also you can tell them about your situation so that they can call someone to help you. 

Calling these subjects will help you from this trouble, especially if you do not know about changing tires and having no spare tire to replace the broken one. 

Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire On The Highway?

Usually, the first we can think of, especially if you have no service contact, is 911 or a passerby. But mostly, 911 because it is a universal contact for help. 

By calling 911, they will surely assist you with your problem in no time, because they are well-trained professionals in any problems and one of them is getting a flat tire.

Sometimes, they assist you with the issue, but sometimes they will connect you to the tow/car service in town to respond to your problem.

Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire At Home?

If you have no tools to mend your flat tire at home, you can call a tow service or a home service mechanic to change or fix your flat tire at home. 

Worry less if you will call because many home service mechanics advertise their service on social media platforms. 

Suppose you’re traveling out of town; make sure to be ready and prepared. You should include taking note of those car services in that town you’re going to. 

Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire On The Interstate?

If you are not in your hometown, the best way to ask for help if you have a flat tire is by the passersby or go to the nearest police station. Also, 911 can help you if you are on the interstate. 

However, your long drive holiday is fast approaching. So first, you should learn the essential tire replacement and carry a spare tire for emergency purposes. 

Are These Emergency Roadside Services Expensive?

Emergency Roadside service fees will depend on the company that you call. They impose different rates also depending on your car problem. 

If you have mild flat tire issues, the rate is also at a minimum; however, it will also cost more than the minimum if you have severe flat tire issues.


In summary, if you have a tire issue, you need to call a car service right away. However, if you have no idea what kind of car service is present in your town, you can ask passersby or car owners. 

Doing the primary step in mending your car issue will prevent you from wasting too much time on the road.



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