How To Tell If You Have A Flat Tire? (Explained for Beginners)

One of the common concerns that can happen to you on the road is having a flat tire. Thinking about having a flat tire on the road is already scary. 

So, how to tell if you have a flat tire? You can tell that you have a flat tire for beginners if it creates an excessive vibration. Your wheel shakes continuously, which makes it annoying and can cause you to lose control while driving. 

Identifying flat tires is easy, but sometimes you can mistakenly presume your car’s issue from a flat tire because some car damage has a similar issue to flat tires. Inflating flat tires requires professional repair if your tire has a severe problem. Most of the Time that causes flat tires are due to holes or cuts from passing by a rough road or sharp debris. 

You can’t avoid those situations because you can’t predict where you’re going to pass by even though you know your destination. In addition, roads are not fixed and clean all the time, so debris is everywhere, so you need to be cautious about it. 

When you face this situation while driving, you can do a few things as a beginner to maintain your safety. In this article, we will dig more profoundly into how you can tell if you have a flat tire. You can proceed below!

How To Tell If You Have A Flat Tire

How Can You Tell That You Have A Flat Tire?

Here are the symptoms of a flat tire that you should know as a beginner:

1. The Tire Creates Excessive Vibration

If you have a flat tire, it creates vibration. It is a sign that the tire is in trouble. Instead of continuing to drive, you should park it immediately at the side of the road. 

2. Your Car Wheel Creates A Rusty Sound

Of course, if you have a flat tire, you are not driving on its tire but its rim. It is why it creates a rusty sound. If you continue driving in this condition, you are just giving yourself a headache. 

3. You Loss Control On The Road

If your car suddenly gets flat while driving, you will lose control. In addition, if you have no presence of mind during the situation, you might get in an accident. 

These symptoms happen all the time. Every time you have a flat tire, it is best to pull over your car. So, if you care for your safety, you should do the right thing. 

What Does A Flat Tire Sound Like?

If your car tire goes flat while on the road, you will hear and feel a thumping sound and annoying vibration. It will be followed by a loud flapping sound from the flat tire. 

If the flat tire is in the front area, you may feel that your steering wheel will pull suddenly to the left or right, depending on its puncture. 

What Does A Flat Tire Look Like?

A flat tire looks like a flat donut. It is slim, and it lacks proper pressure. Standard tires are wide and full of air pressure. 

If you’re going to use it for driving, it gives you a steady and stress-free driving experience. It is also relaxing for your passengers.

How To Know If Your Tire Is Flat Or Just Needs Air?

If you want to know the accurate reading, you should know the tire pressure if you have a flat tire or need some air. 

Tire pressure varies by one psi per 10 degrees; higher temperature means high psi readings. Also, one of its signs is the fading of color of the tire; typically, tires are black and attract heat easily. It is why checking it all the time before using it will be helpful to know your tire still has the proper air pressure. 

In addition, before going to work or any long drive session, check your tire first. Safety is a must, and maintaining everything is essential to secure you and your family from harm and accidents. 


In summary, flat tires are easy to distinguish. I hope this article helps you know more about flat tire symptoms as a beginner. Tires are essential to all vehicles; having a properly maintained car is the best thing to do if you want to secure your life and the life of others. 

One of the reasons why accidents happen on the road is sudden flat tires, especially on bumpy roads with so much debris. So if you pass by this kind of road, you should be prepared or slow down your driving so that if your tire blows out unexpectedly, the impact will be mild.

For newbies, you should read the guidelines of your vehicle manual and study it thoroughly.



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