How Long Does Fix-A-Flat Last? (All You Need To Know)

You might be heading out, and you have to go somewhere, but you notice that your vehicle is not aligned and is not sitting at a right angle. In addition, you might have a flat tire, and you want to know if you can use a fix-a-flat. Let us learn more about this product.

So how long does fix-a-flat last? The fix-a-flat must be removed within three days or three hundred miles in your tire. After that, you can decide which one will be your basis.

If your tire is flat, most people will visit an auto shop to have their flat tire repaired, but some people want to fix the tire on their own. This is where the fix-a-flat comes on. The thoughts for fix-a-flat are divided because some people use it, and some people do not use it. 

Whichever you are, you need to be prepared for a flat tire, and you must be prepared for a tow and must have a spare on hand. But there are other concerns with a flat tire. Some people do not know how to change their tires, and some people think that having a tow is very expensive. 

And that is why there is the fix-a-flat or another tire sealant that would come in. Many people also ask how long a fix-a-flat lasts. People also want to know if fix-a-flat can ruin their tires. 

With that, this article is written. We will focus on how long fix-a-flat can last. So without further ado, let us start discussing.

How Long Does Fix-A-Flat Last

Is Fix-A-Flat A Permanent Fix?

All the new cars sold in the United States in the last decade have a pressure monitoring system on their tires. This feature can alert you if there is a leak in your tire, a significant problem. The tire sealant can clog your TPMS. 

If the TPMS is not cleaned fast, this can cause a problem and ruin your sensor. So if you are asking if a fix-a-flat is a permanent fix, then the fix-a-flat and some other tire sealants are not meant to be permanent. Your TPMS must not be safe as long as you regularly repair the tire. 

If you use a sealant, you must direct it to a professional to repair your tires. They can also use water to clean any sealant that can contact the TPMS device. If the tire is already repaired and it has already been replaced, and it is also inflated, you must reset the TPMS system. 

How Long Does Fix-A-Flat Last?

A lot of people are asking how long their fix-a-flat can last. In your tire, the fix-a-flat must be removed within three days. It can also last and must be removed within one hundred miles (100 miles). 

The lifespan of a fix-a-flat has two years, starting from the date it was manufactured. Within ninety days from the day that the product is purchased, the manufacturer guarantee that the product must reach the specifications,

Does Fix-A-Flat Ruin Your Tire?

A fix-a-flat does not ruin your tire. It does not cause harm to most of the tires if it is used following the directions on the label. However, some shops or experts are not recommending the product for quiet tires. 

The tread area of a tire that is quiet is covered with a layer of foam. If you install the sealant, it will instantly be absorbed into the foam. It will not reach the puncture, nor will it treat the puncture. 

The sealant will then likely result in vibrations in the tire. You cannot also remove the sealant from the foam, and the tire will also need to be replaced. 

Does Fix-A-Flat Expire?

A flat tire is a common occurrence, and it puts a damper on anyone. If you have a fix-a-flat, it can be handy, and there is also an easy-to-use solution so that you can get back on the road faster. The fix-a-flat is a good option if you want to patch a hole in your tire. 

The fix-a-flat can last for up to three days or last for about one hundred miles (100 miles). Of course, it must be used correctly. If you buy a fix-a-flat, it has a lifespan of about two years. 

Can You Put Air In A Tire After Using Fix-A-Flat?

Yes, you can put air in a tire after you have used a fix-a-flat. The fix-a-flat can seal punctures up to one-fourth. It can also fill your tire with just enough air pressure so that you can get back on the road. 

So immediately, you can already drive your vehicle for at least two to four miles and visit a gas station. You can also use a tire inflator so that you can fill your tire with a good amount of air pressure. You can also visit a qualified tire professional early to have a permanent repair or a permanent replacement. 

Can You Drive On Fix-A-Flat?

A fix-a-flat cannot correctly inflate the tire in the same manner as the pump. With that, it is advised and recommended that you drive on a fix-a-flat for three days or one hundred miles. Many customers have reports where their fix-a-flat will last longer, and it will last shorter as well. 


In summary, many people ask how long their fix-a-flat can last. A fix-a-flat does not last forever. Therefore, you have to change it for about three days. 

You can also change it for about one hundred miles. You have to check whichever comes first and use it as a basis.



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