Cracked Tires Between Treads (Is It Safe? What to Do?)

We usually forget about the importance of our car tires. However, the wheels have the sole contact to the ground, so it is usually the first you need to check, refill, or replace if needed to guarantee smooth and safe driving. 

So, what will happen if you have cracked tires between treads? Having a cracked tire between treads means your car is already getting old. It is no longer safe to use it because it will tear up any time. So, you need to replace it with a new one for your safety and family. 

The cracks between your tire tread sign that its rubber is starting to break down. It usually happens due to the exposure of the wheels to UV lights, oils, chemicals, and other debris. This debris reduces the tire’s rubber flexibility over time. 

As this capacity of the rubber lessens, cracks start to develop. Once it develops, it’s only a matter of time to end the lifespan of your wheels. Even if it’s a small crack, it will continue to expand as you take your tire on the road. 

If you leave it and attend, your tire wears out in unexpected situations that may lead to a sudden accident on the road.

Cracked Tires Between Treads

Can You Drive On Tires With Cracks Between Treads?

No, you can’t drive on tires with cracks between its threads. The only time you can drive it is while you are heading to your nearest mechanic shop or tire service shop. Also, you can’t use crack tires during long drives because they won’t last. 

It will just give you a headache during your travel, and you will also affect those innocent vehicles on the road of your recklessness. Because when the crack reaches its core, the heat will expand the rubber inside, and this will cause an explosion.

If this happens while you’re driving, there is a big possibility that you will lose control and might crash someone’s car or kill somebody. 

Are Cracked Tires Between Treads Safe?

When the crack between treads is still minor, it is still safe to continue driving on those tires. Minor cracks that are barely visible represent no safety concern. 

However, if your tire tracks continue to expand in length, depth, or number, you may need to consider buying new sets of tires already. This cracking wears down the tire super fast, and a small number of visible cracks can quickly lead to several significant cracks that will put you at severe risk. 

In addition, there are some tires that you just used for only a few years, and it’s already cracking indicates that it has a manufacturing defect, which you need to address as soon as possible.

Also, you must give this job to a trusted tire professional to inspect the entire tire and give you some advice on what brand of wheels you need to replace. 

Why Do Tires Crack Between The Treads?

There are different reasons why your tires crack between the threads. It’s due to the climate, debris, and the years you use the tires. If you just use your car for only several hours a day, it doesn’t mean it won’t wear out over time. 

Whether you use it or not, it still wears out, and you need to change again. Also, because the tires have a lifespan, they will create cracks when they reach their maximum span. 

So, before buying new sets of wheels, make sure that you ask about the tire’s lifespan so that you’ll have some time to save for another set of wheels when it needs to be replaced again. 

What To Do When You Have Cracked Tires Between Treads?

All you need to do if you have cracked tires between treads is buy new wheels and replace the old ones. 

Also, when buying new wheels, don’t settle for cheaper ones because the material used to make the wheels might not be strong enough. Instead, permanently settle for an expensive and quality one because it might be expensive, but if we’re talking about safety, it’s worth it. 

Should I Replace My Tires If They are Cracked?

Yes, if possible, don’t use it on a long drive because many things can happen if you have cracked tires while having a long drive, and it won’t end up pretty good for you. So, if you notice the crack build-up, you should consult a professional mechanic about the problem. 


In summary, crack tires between treads are dangerous, exceptionally long drives. It is why you need to address the problem as soon as possible. And when you do, it’s best to use quality wheels for replacement. Though these kinds of wheels might be pricey for safety purposes, they will guarantee you a hundred percent of safety.



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