Honda Civic OBD Port Location (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic OBD Port Location

The OBD Port is responsible for monitoring speed, mileage, emissions, and other data about your car. In general, it tells the condition and overall health of your car. It’s connected to the Check Engine light, which illuminates when the computer detects a problem. Now, the port’s location varies for every car model, even for Honda … Read more

Honda Civic Gas Mileage (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is an important thing to measure for every vehicle. The reason is that it gives the user a sense of his car’s fuel efficiency. In general, a higher number means better mileage. Now, if you own a Honda Civic, you may wonder if your car’s got good mileage. For this reason, we made … Read more

Honda Civic Compressor Oil Capacity (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Compressor Oil Capacity

Every compressor has a specific limit on how much oil it can receive. If you add more than the capacity, it may cause the oil to coat the interior of the evaporator and condenser coils. Such damages can lessen or even force the compressor to lose its ability to dissipate heat. Thus, it can harm … Read more

Honda Civic Rim Size (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Rim Size

The rim size is an essential detail in every car that you need to note as an owner. By knowing the correct rim size, you can get the specific parts suited for your car. Each model of Honda Civic has a different rim size throughout each year. Thus, the Honda Civic of a particular year … Read more

Honda Civic Bolt Pattern (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern is the arrangement of how lugs are placed in the hub. Each pattern comes with a type of wheel that will fit in that car. Thus, every car owner should know his car’s bolt pattern to find a replacement when needed. Every Honda Civic Bolt Pattern comes in different varieties. It all … Read more

Honda Civic Tire Size (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Tire Size

The tires play a significant role in the performance of every car. Without such, no car will run. Further, the tires you have should be suitable for your car. Thus, if you own a Honda Civic, you’ll need to choose the best and suitable tire size for you! This article contains a list of all … Read more

Honda Civic TPMS Reset (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic TPMS Reset

The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) alerts you when your vehicle’s tire pressure is low or about to go flat. TPMS can improve your road safety by enhancing your vehicle’s handling, minimizing tire wear, reducing braking distance, and increasing fuel economy by assisting you in maintaining correct tire pressure. For this reason, you must know … Read more

Honda Civic Tire Pressure (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure helps avoid rapid wear, which leads to early tire replacement, and it is also critical for safety. On the other hand, under-pressure tires create incredibly high heat levels, which can degrade the tire to the point of collapse. Since tire pressure is essential for every car, you may wonder about your car’s … Read more

Honda Civic Lug Nut Size (All Models! Explained)

Honda Civic Lug Nut Size

Lug nuts are essential in every car since it holds the wheels and its rotors to run perfectly. Using an incorrect lug nut can ruin your wheels and even lead to unwanted accidents. Thus, you need to know your car’s lug nut size for this matter. This article contains a list of Honda Civics that … Read more

How To Rotate Your Tires? (Explained For Beginners)

How To Rotate Your Tires

Rotating your tire is a regular and routine repositioning of your vehicle’s tires. They will be repositioned in particular patterns from the front to the back, or they can also be side by side, and it is an essential part of keeping your vehicle’s tires safe and in good condition. So how to rotate your … Read more