How Many Crankshafts Are In A V8 Engine? (Explained)

How Many Crankshafts Are in a V8 Engine

Development reaches the high technique in designing the car engine throughout the year. From empowering and creating a mode-efficient car engine, a quality driving experience is now reachable.  So, how many crankshafts are in a V8 engine? V8 engines online have two major crankshafts: the flat and cross-type. The purpose of these crankshafts in V8 … Read more

Drive-By-Wire VS Drive By Cable: What Is the Difference?

Drive-By-Wire VS Drive By Cable

Before you can understand these two, you need first to know the different systems. For example, the model of your throttle valve determines if it’s a drive-by-wire or drive-by-cable. So, what is the difference between drive-by-wire and drive-by cable? Drive-by-wire is usually used for modern cars today. It also uses electricity, resistors, and motor actuators … Read more

Do You Bleed Brakes With Car On Or Off? (Explained)

Do You Bleed Brakes With Car On Or Off

Breaks enable you to control your vehicle if needed. It is also responsible for your safety and avoiding any accidents.  So, do you bleed brakes with your car on or off? To bleed your brakes, you need to turn off your car first because you need to unscrew parts to bleed your brakes accurately. The … Read more

Engine Rattle On Startup (All You Need To Know)

Engine Rattle On Startup

If your vehicle’s engine is making that rattling noise, then there could be something wrong with your vehicle. A vehicle engine does not always sound smooth, but if it makes that rattling noise, there can be plenty of causes why your engine is doing that.  If the engine of your vehicle is making that rattling … Read more

What’s The Difference Between A Motor And An Engine?

What's The Difference Between A Motor And An Engine

Motors and engines. Many people have been interchanging these words, and when people say engine or motor, there seems to be just one image that comes into mind, so the question now is, what is the difference between the two.   So what is the difference between a motor and an engine? The difference between these … Read more

No Engine Brake Sign Meaning (All You Need To Know)

No Engine Brake Sign Meaning

A no-engine braking road sign gives a warning to truck drivers not to use the engine to brake. Truck drivers are usually downshifting the engine to slow down the tuck even without the brakes. This is called engine braking.  And it produces a loud noise. Some towns and cities are usually putting up a “no … Read more

Can Bad Gas Cause Check Engine Light To Come On? (Explained)

Can Bad Gas Cause Check Engine Light To Come On

There are times that cars get harmful gas because of many reasons. For example, a low gas level can cause it, or debris can block your engine.  So, can lousy gas cause the check engine light to come on? Yes, it can trigger the engine light. However, there are different patterns you should know about … Read more