No Coolant In Car But Not Overheating: Why Is That?

No Coolant In Car But Not Overheating

The purpose of coolant is to keep your vehicle’s engine cool. It also prevents your engine from overheating. This is why coolant is essential for your engine.  If you don’t have coolant in your engine, your engine can get damaged due to overheating. With that, it is not a question of how vital coolant is … Read more

Losing Coolant Only When Driving: What To Do? (Explained!)

Losing Coolant Only When Driving

One of the most critical components of a vehicle is the cooling system. A vehicle’s cooling system will allow the engine to work while keeping its working temperature inside the threshold limits. There is also a chance that the pressurized system will not be maintained.  If there is a leak in your vehicle while running, … Read more

Does Synthetic Oil Degrade Over Time? (How Long? Explained!)

Does Synthetic Oil Degrade Over Time

Car owners ask if synthetic motor oil does expire or degrade over time. Some people say that it does degrade, and some do not. So let us find out the answer. So does synthetic oil degrade over time? Unfortunately, the answer is that there’s no exact and straightforward answer. This is because the longevity and … Read more

How Long Can You Run an Engine Without Water? (Explained!)

How Long Can You Run an Engine Without Water

People would ask how long they could run their engine without water. People also wonder what would happen if they ran their vehicle without water or insufficient water. Let us learn more about this matter.  So how long can you run an engine without water? Even if you run for just a short amount of … Read more

What Happens if You Mix Water and Coolant? (Explained!)

What Happens if You Mix Water and Coolant

As a car owner, you should know the importance of having coolant in your vehicle. But is it okay to mix water and coolant? Let us find out.  So what happens if you mix water and coolant? Mixing water and coolant can put contaminants in your radiator system.  So in this article, let’s talk about … Read more