Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire? (Explained!)

Who To Call When You Have A Flat Tire

If your tire breaks down, the best thing to do is call for help or a tow service. Especially if your tire issue is severe and you can’t mend it  So, who to call when you have a flat tire? Sixty-five percent of vehicle owners call 911 for roadside assistance. Especially if you are out … Read more

How To Tell If Tire Needs Air? (Explained for Beginners)

How To Tell If Tire Needs Air

Low tire pressure creates many harmful effects on your vehicle, and your trip will indeed get canceled. It can also decrease the mileage and cause your vehicle to emit more fuel. As a result, you are stopping for more gas, which is a waste of time and your money. So, how to tell if your … Read more

How Long Does Fix-A-Flat Last? (All You Need To Know)

How Long Does Fix-A-Flat Last

You might be heading out, and you have to go somewhere, but you notice that your vehicle is not aligned and is not sitting at a right angle. In addition, you might have a flat tire, and you want to know if you can use a fix-a-flat. Let us learn more about this product. So … Read more

How Long Does Tire Alignment Take? (Explained!)

How Long Does Tire Alignment Take

A tire alignment is one of the best ways to keep your tires in good shape and get as much life out from them. You need to have your tires aligned so that you can make sure that your vehicle will deliver a good and optimum performance. So how long does a tire alignment take? … Read more

Tire Won’t Come Off: How to Fix That? (Explained!)

Tire Won’t Come Off

Changing a tire is a complicated and stressful task; however, when the wheel becomes stuck and you cannot remove it from your vehicle, the process becomes aggravating. This is a troublesome and worrisome situation for car drivers and it can be aggravating too. So you should know how to fix that.  So how to fix … Read more

Tire Air Cap Missing: Is It a Big Problem? (Explained!)

Tire Air Cap Missing

If you are thinking about having a long drive and knowing that your tire air cap is missing, it’s best not to have a long drive without replacing it with a new one.  So, is the tire air cap missing a big problem? There are no negative consequences if your car tire has a missing … Read more

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes? (Is It Legal?! Explained!)

Why Do Trucks Have Spikes

Truck drivers put spikes in their truck wheels to signal those vehicles in the front, side, and back to correct their distance to the truck to avoid accidents.  So, why do trucks have spikes? Truck spikes are used as protection and warning. First protection, spikes are designed to protect the lug nut from wear and … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Change a Tire? (Explained!)

How Long Does It Take to Change a Tire

While driving your can down the road, you hear an annoying bump that catches your attention. You found out that your car tire needs to be changed as you check.  So, how long does it take to change a tire? The time in changing a tire depends on the individual’s capacity to change it. For … Read more

Bolt in Tire: All You Need to Know (Explained)

Bolt in Tire

Your vehicle’s tires turn untold millions repeatedly for its life. Thus, making them prone to being punctured by sharp objects like bolts. Tires are not immune to damage so you will definitely experience problems with your tires.  A tire is at risk of being punctured by a foreign object with each revolution. Because the average … Read more