Can I Add Coolant Straight To The Radiator? (Explained!)

Can I Add Coolant Straight To The Radiator

The radiator of your vehicle is considered to be the heart of the cooling system of every vehicle. This system will guide the radiator fluid or the coolant fluid around the cylinder heads of the engines and the valves to absorb the heat and make it disappear safely by using cooling fans. The radiator will … Read more

Does Coolant Affect AC? (All You Need To Know)

Does Coolant Affect AC

The air conditioner system has a type of refrigerant, and it is called Freon. It’ll keep the interior of your vehicle cool. Let us know more about this matter.  So does coolant affect AC? The engine cooling system has an indirect effect on your air conditioner system or performance. A high under the hood performance … Read more

Coolant Not Circulating: How To Recognize And Fix That?

Coolant Not Circulating

People have been sharing that they are having problems with their coolant. Coolant is supposed to be circulating in your engine. So if your coolant is not circling around in your engine, you might be facing a problem. So how do you recognize if your coolant is not circulating and how do you fix it? … Read more

Why Is The Coolant Reservoir Overflowing? (+ Fix Explained)

Why Is The Coolant Reservoir Overflowing

Coolant or sometimes called antifreeze is a vital fluid for your vehicle. It regulates and maintains the temperature of your vehicle. This will keep your engine from overheating.  Unfortunately, coolant can also be harmful, so that is why it stays only in a closed system. However, there are situations where the coolant reservoir is overflowing. … Read more

Coolant Leak Repair Cost (All You Need To Know)

Coolant Leak Repair Cost

You might come to your vehicle early in the morning, and you see that there is a pool of coolant from under your vehicle. The coolant can leak, and this means that there is a crack in your engine. If your vehicle is leaking coolant, this can cause your engine to overheat.  Your vehicle will … Read more

Bubbles In Coolant Reservoir And In Coolant: Is That Okay?

Bubbles In Coolant Reservoir And In Coolant

Every vehicle’s cooling system is dependent on the sealed network of hoses, and it pumps the coolant around the engine. These hoses are placed in a sealed loop. This will allow and deliver a smooth and constant flow of coolant or antifreeze.  And this will then reach the components that include the head gasket, the … Read more

What Happens If You Overfill Coolant? (Is It Bad? Explained!)

What Happens If You Overfill Coolant

The coolant is a fluid, and it is added to the engine of the vehicle. The coolant works by preventing the engine from overheating. If your vehicle’s engine goes far above the average operating temperature, some severe damage can happen.  You can lose your engine through damage, and you might be required to replace your … Read more

Coolant Leaked Out All At Once: What To Do? (Explained!)

Coolant Leaked Out All At Once

Coolant will keep your engine cool. It will travel in a continuous loop from your vehicle’s engine and into your radiator and then comes back. If your coolant is not where it should be, you might have a cooling system issue on your vehicle.  If this is the issue, you might notice a leak in … Read more