10 Types of Car Engines (For 2021)

Types of Car Engines

Car engines differ in many ways since they also vary in capabilities. There are different types according to engine layout and cylinder configurations. In total, we can sum it up into ten types. The ten types of car engines fall into two categories. Straight, Inline, Flat, and V Engine are the different types according to … Read more

6 Types of Oil Additives (For 2021)

Types of Oil Additives

Your oil engine is the one that is making your vehicle run smoothly. The engine oil is known to be the bloodline of every vehicle. Oil makes the vehicle perform excellent and smooth.  This is why you need to do a lot of maintenance in terms of your engine oil. There is an oil change … Read more

6 Types of Oil Filters (For 2021)

Types of Oil Filters

Oil is considered the blood of your vehicle. This oil will circulate into your engine and lubricate your engine’s parts, mainly because your engine is in constant friction and heat.  The oil will reduce the heat and friction so that your car’s engine will not wear and tear in the long run. So this oil … Read more

3 Types of Diesel Engine Oil (For 2021)

Types of Diesel Engine Oil

If you own a diesel-powered vehicle, you may be wondering what types of oil you can use and which is the best. In general, we can narrow it down into three. If you will ask: The three types of diesel engine oil are: full synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional. The full synthetic does not come … Read more

BMW 328i Oil Reset (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Reset

An oil change is a crucial maintenance that must be done as often as needed for your car. But as necessary as this is, there are still many drivers who are not following the proper interval of doing an oil change. And so the oil service light was created.  An oil service comes on when … Read more

BMW 328i Oil Change Interval (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Change Interval

The fundamental thing to learn about driving a vehicle is the importance of oil. When your vehicle is running, your engine will cause heat and friction because of its moving parts. As a result, the moving parts of your car’s engine can get damaged because of friction.  This is where the motor oil steps in. … Read more

BMW 328i Oil Type (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Type

The motor is known to be the blood of all vehicles. The motor oil keeps the vehicle running. Motor oil is one of the critical things for your car.  The motor oil gives your vehicle an improved fuel economy. Fuel economy is the association between the traveled distance of your vehicle and the fuel that … Read more

BMW 328i Oil Capacity (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Capacity

Lubrication is a crucial thing for vehicles. Lubrication will prevent your vehicle from overheating by the friction between car parts when your vehicle is running. Lubrication is possible by putting in motor oil.  Motor oil is considered to be the blood of every vehicle. The motor oil will help your car prevent getting so much … Read more

BMW Oil Dipstick (All You Need to Know)

BMW Oil Dipstick

Oil is one of the essential components of cars, and so any driver should check it once in a while. With this in mind, the importance of Oil Dipstick comes to play. However, it’s not for every BMW user. In BMWs, not every model has an oil dipstick, only the older models do, and it’s … Read more