Pee in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Pee in a Gas Tank

If you are curious about the things that can damage an engine, you probably come up with the idea of peeing in the gas tank. While there are so many possibilities on what you can put in the gas tank, you may wonder if pee or urine can do some significant damage. So, you may … Read more

What Is The Thickest Motor Oil? (Explained!)

What Is The Thickest Motor Oil

There are many kinds of motor oil, and their thickness differentiates these oils. So let us know which oil is the thickest. Let’s go. So what is the thickest motor oil? The answer is a 40w-70. This is the thickest motor oil. To know more about the thickness of motor oil, the motor oils are … Read more

Bad Motor Oil Brands in 2021 (You Should Stay Away From)

Bad Motor Oil Brands

The motor is a significant part of automobiles. The motor oil is made to provide lubrication to the components of your car. The motor oil can also decrease the friction within your engine and your car components when your car is running.  With motor oil, you can ensure a good drive with your engine running … Read more

Seafoam in a Gas Tank: Does It Help?! (Explained)

Seafoam in a Gas Tank

If you’re looking for an answer to issues on your gas tanks, you may have heard about seafoam, and you wonder if it would be of help to you. Since seafoam offers a promising solution, you may ask: If you put seafoam in a gas tank, does it help? Seafoam slowly and safely re-liquefies sludge, … Read more

Mothballs in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Mothballs in a Gas Tank

If you’ve been reading about octane boosters, you probably came across mothballs and why some people use such things as an alternative for octane boosters. If you’re wondering why it’s so, it’s because the naphthalene offers a temporary power and octane boost. Still, you may wonder if it’s safe. Thus, you may ask: If you … Read more

Kerosene in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Kerosene in a Gas Tank

If you’re curious about kerosene, you probably see that it’s a lighter blend of diesel. Thus, you probably wonder if it has the potential to be a substitute for diesel. Or, you wonder what would happen if someone put such a liquid in your gas tank. So, you may ask: If you put kerosene in … Read more