Does Gasoline Go Bad In Plastic Containers? (Explained)

Does Gasoline Go Bad In Plastic Containers

Many of us are storing some of our gasoline around our houses to operate chainsaws, tillers, lawnmowers, and some other machines. However, if you store gasoline in the wrong way, this gasoline can catch on fire, and it can even worsen and go into an explosion. As a result, there can be fire, which is … Read more

Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery? (All You Need To Know!)

Can A Bad Starter Drain A Battery

Vehicles are essential, and we rely on vehicles for transportation. We rely on vehicles for daily activities and if we will ever be in the middle of emergencies. And vehicles have been with us for many years now, and over time, it has evolved and innovated.  So can a bad starter drain a battery? Yes, … Read more

Car Won’t Start No Noise: What To Do? (Explained!)

Car Won't Start No Noise

As a car driver, you would sometimes experience your vehicle not starting. This is a situation no driver wants to be in. It is such a hassle and hinders daily activities for the driver and the passenger as well.  So what can you do if your vehicle will not start and it has no noise? … Read more

Starter Engages But Does Not Turn Flywheel: What To Do?

Starter Engages But Does Not Turn Flywheel

If your starter will spin and engage but don’t turn the flywheel, you might have a problem. There are a lot of car drivers who have experienced this situation. Most of them don’t know what to do.  So what can you do if your starter will engage but it does not turn your flywheel? Check … Read more

Prius Won’t Turn Off: Why And What To Do? (Explained!)

Prius Won't Turn Off

A Toyota Prius is a perfect and reliable vehicle on the road. However, it is a machine that has so many parts that are interconnected. Machines are not perfect.  So why will your Prius not turn off and what can you do about it? You might own a Prius and are stuck in a situation … Read more

What Does A Flywheel Do In A Car? (All You Need To Know)

What Does A Flywheel Do In A Car

All vehicles have their flywheel. When we say flywheel, it is a heavy metal disk. The diameter is about twelve (12) to fifteen (15) inches. In its circumference, there are gear teeth cut into it.  So what does a flywheel do in a car? Each component of a vehicle has its functions and they contribute … Read more

Scratched Rims: How Bad Is It And What To Do? (Explained!)

Scratched Rims

In the world of driving, accidents happen. And a minor accident that causes dents in your vehicle is standard. However, there is also a situation where you will encounter scratched rims.  So how bad are scratched rims and what can you do about it? The rim is not the big issue here.The risk and the … Read more

Blower On Engine (Explained For Beginners)

Blower On Engine

Nowadays, a lot of people are learning about driving a vehicle. Automobiles are tricky, and they are sometimes a mystery. There are just so many components inside and outside of a vehicle.  With that, a person who is just beginning to learn about automobiles has a lot of questions about a car. And one of … Read more

Car Won’t Start No Clicking: Why And What To Do? (Explained)

Car Won't Start No Clicking

Many car drivers have already experienced that their vehicle will not start, and there is no clicking noise too. So if your vehicle suddenly stops working, you know that there is something wrong with your vehicle. And that is something you should act o fast to prevent any more damages in your vehicle by fixing … Read more