Tire Sidewall Cut: What Is It and Can It Be Fixed?

Tire Sidewall Cut

The tire’s sidewalls are built to withstand the pressure that often happens while driving, and it keeps the car stable. So the tire’s sidewalls are very important to your vehicle. It is also very safe. So what is a tire sidewall cut and can you fix it? There are two sidewalls in each tire, one … Read more

Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing: What to Do? (Explained)

Small Chunk of Tire Sidewall Missing

Chunking can happen while driving due to numerous reasons. Some drivers may quickly notice the chunk, while others take time to spot them. In addition, some chunks can be so tiny that they are just on the tire’s surface and can only be considered cosmetic damage.  So what do you have to do if there … Read more

Cold Tire Pressure vs. Hot: What Is the Difference?

Cold Tire Pressure vs. Hot

Having adequate air pressure is needed if you want your tires to work to their full capabilities. The outdoor temperature affects the air pressure of the tires. Hotter weather means that air molecules move faster and farther away from each other, thus inflating the tire pressure.  So what is the difference between cold tire pressure … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Get New Tires? (Explained!)

How Long Does It Take To Get New Tires

Tires are essential to get your car running. Its primary role is to support the load of your car, transmit traction and braking forces to the road surface, absorb road shocks, and change and maintain direction. So how long does it take to get new tires? The time required to change a tire varies depending … Read more

How to Tell if Your Tire Was Slashed? (Explained)

How to Tell if Your Tire Was Slashed

A damaged tire can result from several causes, and the driver may not be aware of the problem right away. You may have a slashed tire and it would be too late for you to know about it.  So how to tell if your tire was slashed? You can check on the appearance of the … Read more

Subaru WRX Rim Size (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Rim Size

The Subaru WRX must have a rim size chart so that the drivers of Subaru WRX will know the rim sizes of the Subaru WRX in terms of their year model. However, knowing the rim size of Subaru WRX is tricky because every year, it can be different.  So now, we can help you with … Read more

Subaru WRX Bolt Pattern (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Bolt Pattern

If you own a Subaru WRX and want to know your vehicle’s bolt pattern, this article is definitely for you. Each year’s model of Subaru WRX has a different bolt pattern.  Some years might be the same, but some years are different. With this guide, you will be able to know the different bolt patterns … Read more

Subaru WRX Tire Size (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Tire Size

The tires for your Subaru WRX will depend significantly on the year of the manufacturer. To know the exact size of your tire, you will need this guide for your Subaru WRX.  We have broken down the tire size on a yearly basis. Let us get started.  2022 Subaru WRX Tire Size For those people … Read more

Subaru WRX Timing Belt or Chain (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Timing Belt or Chain

All vehicles that have a combustion engine require a correctly timed combustion reaction so that they can function. This means that the pistons must rise and then fall in the cylinders at the exact right time. The valves must need to be open too and then closed so that the exhaust gases and the air … Read more

Subaru WRX OBD Port Location (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX OBD Port Location

The OB port is a space, and it is uniquely made to connect the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) reader into it. If you bring your vehicle to an auto mechanic, they will plug the OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) equipment with this outlet. Their equipment has a long cable and a computer and will let them access your … Read more