Can You Mix Yellow And Blue Antifreeze? (Explained!)

Can You Mix Yellow And Blue Antifreeze

Car drivers would always want the best for their vehicles, and they want their vehicles to always run smoothly and efficiently as much as they can. But in terms of antifreeze, car owners are just confused about whether you can mix two different colors. So let us learn more about that. So can you mix … Read more

Can You Mix Pink And Red Antifreeze? (Explained!)

Can You Mix Pink And Red Antifreeze

It is essential to know the suitable and recommended antifreeze you should use in your vehicle. It is also essential to know whether mixing a pink antifreeze with a red antifreeze is safe. Want to know more? Stay and keep reading. So can you mix pink and red antifreeze? Yes, you can mix the pink … Read more

How Long Does Coolant Last In A Car? (Explained!)

How Long Does Coolant Last In A Car

The engine of your car provides power to it, and as a result, your engine will tend to get very hot. This is why you need a coolant. So now, we will learn about how long a coolant lasts in your vehicle, so let us get started. So how long does a coolant last in … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Flush Coolant? (Explained!)

What Happens If You Don't Flush Coolant

If you don’t flush your coolant, you can expect that it will have corrosion, sediments, and unwanted products will continue to build up inside your coolant. What happens if you don’t flush coolant? When you don’t flush the coolant, it will stick inside your cooling system, slowly damaging your car’s cooling system.  Later on, when … Read more

How Long Can Radiator Flush Be Left In? (Explained)

How Long Can Radiator Flush Be Left In

You can leave your radiator flush for 3 to 6 hours. By that time, you are allowed to run your car in low power with a radiator flush and your water pump in your cooling system.  How long can the radiator flush be left in? You can leave it for approximately 6 hours. You can … Read more

5 Signs You Need a Coolant Flush (Explained!)

Signs You Need a Coolant Flush

When your engine starts to heat up while driving your car or starting it, it means your car is in trouble. It becomes a sign that you are using a coolant flush. Why do you need a coolant flush? First, of course, you need a coolant flush to help your radiator not to overheat while … Read more

Why Do F1 Cars Spark? (Explained!)

Why Do F1 Cars Spark

An F1 car is an open-wheeled car, and this means that they have their wheels sitting outside the line of its body, and when you see F1 cars race, they will have sparks all over them. So if you are curious about these sparks, let us enlighten you. So who do F1 cars spark? Sparks … Read more

Uber Jump Start: Will Uber Driver Jumpstart My Car?

Uber Jump Start Will Uber Driver Jumpstart My Car

One of the great things about Uber and similar services is that they get to you quickly and cost cheaper. Thus, you may wonder if you can rent an uber to help you in times of need. For instance, if you have a dead battery, wouldn’t it be possible to have someone’s uber car help … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Jumpstart a Car? (And Who to Call?)

How Much Does It Cost to Jumpstart a Car

Jumpstarting a car takes some effort and a set of expenses for some people. Thus, it’s not something you will usually get for free, especially if you need it on far-flung roads. Another thing to answer is the availability of help around you. Thus, if you ever encounter such an instance, you may ask: How … Read more