Subaru WRX Maintenance Schedule (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Maintenance Schedule

A maintenance schedule is recommended service for every car owner to keep their vehicle in good condition. With such, you can keep your car in check and avoid significant problems from happening. Thus, as a Subaru WRX owner, you may wonder about the recommended maintenance schedule for this model. Below, you can see a list … Read more

Subaru WRX Battery Life (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Battery Life

The battery life of a Subaru WRX is essential. You can prolong the life of your WRX battery in a lot of ways.  A car battery is vital for the condition of your vehicle. With that, this article will be about the battery life of a Subaru WRX.  2022 Subaru WRX Battery Life Battery life … Read more

Subaru WRX Battery Replacement Cost (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Battery Replacement Cost

The car battery is the storage device for energy. There is stored energy, which will be used to operate the starter motor, the ignition system, and the fuel system of your vehicle. Car batteries do not last forever.  And car batteries can have failures and problems. If your car battery has problems, you need to … Read more

Subaru WRX Battery Size (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Battery Size

Subaru has achieved the honor for their name. Subaru is one of the car brands that people will think about very often when they are thinking of buying a new car.  Subaru WRX owners would also think about the size of the Subaru WRX battery. So in this article, we will talk about the battery … Read more

Subaru WRX Battery Problems (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Battery Problems

The Subaru WRX is a popular car for consumers, and many people own such. However, like all other cars, it’s also subject to common battery problems. Thus, if you own this car or planning to get one, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with such problems. This way, you can understand it, and you can know … Read more

Subaru WRX Battery Voltage (All Models! Explained)

Subaru WRX Battery Voltage

A car battery’s voltage is an essential thing for proper and thorough maintenance. Every car battery runs with a specific voltage. Thus, anything below or above that voltage is a sign of a problem that needs repair or replacement. If you own a Subaru WRX, this article can be your guide. Here, you can see … Read more

Cars With Fiberglass Bodies: All You Need To Know

Cars With Fiberglass Bodies

Many of you do not know that vehicles are made with fiberglass bodies. Many years ago, many car manufacturers made their vehicles using fiberglass. But as the years went by, they became not as famous anymore.  As the world of automobiles started to boom, the manufacturer of the vehicles started in a not so good … Read more

Red Power Steering Fluid: Is That Okay? (Explained!)

Red Power Steering Fluid

Modern vehicles nowadays are equipped with power steering. It provides protection and keeps your steering mechanism smooth. Let us learn more about it. So is a red power steering fluid okay? Yes, it is okay to have a red power steering fluid. It is the primary color of a power steering fluid to be distinguished … Read more

Burnt Valve: All You Need To Know (Explained)

Burnt Valve

Vehicles have a variety of valves that affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel utilization. It permits the fuel-air mixture to enter the engine’s combustion process while allowing the burnt fuel-air mixture to exit the exhaust system. As a car driver, you should be able to know more about this.  When valves screw up or wear … Read more