How Long Do Spark Plug Wires Last? (Explained!)

How Long Do Spark Plug Wires Last

Like the spark plugs, the spark plugs wires contribute to the overall performance of your vehicle, so it is essential to know when you have to replace your spark plugs and how long their lifespan is. If you want to know more about this matter, keep reading. So how long do spark plug wires last? … Read more

Problems After Changing Spark Plugs: What To Do? (Explained)

Problems After Changing Spark Plugs

Changing spark plugs must be practiced very often because spark plugs affect so much of the vehicle in terms of performance and condition. However, many people are still experiencing some problems even after they have changed their spark plugs. So now, we will talk about changing spark plugs and some problems encountered after changing your … Read more

7 Reasons Car Sputters When Starting + How To Fix It

7 Reasons Car Sputters When Starting

Drivers have experienced their car sputtering when it is starting. This can be frustrating to most drivers, and it would take time, especially if you have somewhere you have to be.  So today, you must not worry anymore because we will be talking all about the reasons why your car is sputtering. So let us … Read more

Resistor Vs. Non-Resistor Spark Plugs: Which Is Better?

Resistor Vs. Non-Resistor Spark Plugs

Many drivers are asking which is better, a resistor spark plugs or non-resistor spark plugs. Resistor-type spark plugs combine an internal resistor to subdue the noise of the ignition produced during sparking when you are turning your vehicle on. The noise caused by the ignition can either be an RFI or a radio frequency interference … Read more

Oil Fouled Spark Plug: Is It Bad and What to Do? (Explained)

Oil Fouled Spark Plug

Oil fouling happens when the engine oil reaches the combustion chamber and covers the spark plug. When such a thing happens, it keeps the spark plug from getting through space. If you’re not familiar with spark plugs, you may wonder if it’s normal to happen or if it’s something problematic that needs immediate action. Thus, … Read more

Coolant Fouled Spark Plug: Is It Bad and What to Do? (Fix)

Coolant Fouled Spark Plug

While a coolant works wonders in regulating the temperature, it can cause significant problems if it leaks in areas it’s not intended to reach. Since a coolant works near the engine, you may wonder what will happen if it leaks and reaches the spark plug. Thus, you may ask: If you have a coolant-fouled spark … Read more

How To Stop Spark Plug Wires From Arcing? (Explained!)

How To Stop Spark Plug Wires From Arcing

Many drivers have been asking why their spark plugs are arcing. Spark plugs arcing happen to many vehicles. If you want to know more about it, stay for a very informative read. So how to stop spark plugs from arcing? You can stop the spark plugs from arcing by checking them regularly, replacing the wires, … Read more

Do Diesel Engines Have Spark Plugs? (Explained!)

Do Diesel Engines Have Spark Plugs

Diesel engines are very efficient internal combustion engines, and many people today are asking if they have spark plugs. So today, we will know the answer to that. So do diesel engines have spark plugs? The answer is no. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs. The diesel engine was produced in the late nineteenth … Read more