Where Is the Temperature Sensor on My Car? (Explained!)

Where Is the Temperature Sensor on My Car

Every car has a temperature sensor that monitors its operating temperature. Thus, it alerts the system and takes immediate action when it sees a potential problem. With such importance, this sensor needs to be in the right place to measure the temperature. Thus, you may wonder: Where is the temperature sensor on my car? Most … Read more

Chevy Cobalt Battery Location: All You Need to Know (Read Now)

Chevy Cobalt Battery Location

If you’re familiar with cars, you also know that you will likely find a car battery inside the engine bay. However, if you have a Chevy Cobalt, it won’t be the case. Thus, if you’re also wondering, you may wonder about it. The Chevy Cobalt Battery Location is different from other cars you see around. … Read more

How to Remove a Pulley Without a Puller? (Explained!)

How to Remove a Pulley Without a Puller

Pulley and puller go hand in hand at all times. Thus, it can seem complicated and even sometimes impossible to remove a pulley without a puller. Now, the thing is that users don’t always carry a puller all the time. For this reason, you may wonder if it’s possible to remove a pulley even if … Read more

How to Install Power Steering Pulley Without Tool? (Explained)

How to Install Power Steering Pulley Without Tool

When it comes to the installation of parts in a car, tools play an essential role. Without such tools, you may find it challenging and even complex to install a particular part. Or, you may not be able to install anything at all. The same principle goes with power steering pulley installation. So, you may … Read more

How to Remove Rusted Exhaust Bolts? (Explained!)

How to Remove Rusted Exhaust Bolts

One of the many nightmares of car owners is seeing rust in the car, whatever part it is. Thus, seeing your exhaust bolts getting ruined due to rust is not something you can ignore. Since rust can cause more damage, you’ll want to remove it as soon as possible. Thus, you may ask: How to … Read more

New Serpentine Belt Squeal on Startup: What to Do? (Explained)

New Serpentine Belt Squeal on Startup

A serpentine belt is one uninterrupted belt that drives several peripheral devices in an automobile engine. It includes vital parts such as the alternator, power steering pump, and water pump. In short, this belt plays a vital role in an engine’s performance. Thus, you may worry about it when it squeals during a startup. So, … Read more

RPM Fluctuates While Driving: 4 Most Common Reasons (+ Fix)

RPM Fluctuates While Driving

RPMs or revolutions per minute are essential for every driver since they provide information on the best time to shift gears. Also, it gives drivers an idea of how much work their engine is doing. For this reason, it can be problematic to experience fluctuations in your RPM, especially while driving. So, you may ask: … Read more

Oil in Intake Manifold: What to Do and How Bad It Is? (Read!)

Oil in Intake Manifold

The intake manifold is an engine that supplies the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders. It’s a series of tubes ensuring that the air coming into the engine is evenly distributed to all the cylinders. Now, since it distributes air and fuel, you may find it problematic to see oil in your intake manifold. So, you … Read more

Knocking Noise When Braking: Should I Be Worried?

Knocking Noise When Braking

Breaks are one of the essential things in your car. If it starts malfunctioning, it can put many lives at risk. Thus, it’s no wonder why even a slight noise due to brakes can feel worrisome. When brakes are the issue, it’s no wonder why even a tiny noise matters. So, you may ask: If … Read more

BG 44K Instructions (All You Need to Know)

BG 44K Instructions

If you’ve heard of BG 44K and you want to try it out, you may find it surprising to see only a short instruction written on it. It says: “Just one can of BG 44K® in your fuel tank boost your car’s performance.” It doesn’t give any more instructions other than that one. Thus, if … Read more