Honda Type 2 Coolant Vs. Prestone Coolant: Which One To Use?

Honda Type 2 Coolant Vs. Prestone Coolant

People are asking which is better, the Honda type 2 coolant or the prestone coolant. Drivers are confused about what is better and what is more compatible with their vehicles.  Hence, below are some guides that you can use in choosing which among the two is more compatible with your vehicle. You can continue reading … Read more

How Long Does It Take Alternator To Charge Battery? (Read)

How Long Does It Take Alternator To Charge Battery

When starting your vehicle, you are also charging its battery. Therefore, let your car run for a few minutes to help charge its battery upon starting your engine.  How does it take an alternator to charge your battery? An alternator can give up to 80 amps. It gives your car the capacity to charge your … Read more

Driving With Parking Brake On: What Happens To The Car?

Driving With Parking Brake On

Maybe you’re curious about what is happening to your car while you’re driving it with the parking brake.  So, what happens to the car if you turn on your parking brakes? Usually, when you drive with a parking brake, even if you’re running your car for several miles, it may overheat, causing the brake lining’s … Read more

How to Remove Stuck O2 Sensor? (Explained!)

How to Remove Stuck O2 Sensor

Well, perhaps you are wondering how you can remove the stuck oxygen sensors and thinking if it’s simple or not.  Cleaning and removing the stuck oxygen sensor is vital because they stop reading the exhaust gasses correctly when oxygen sensors fail. If the stuck O2 sensor is not removed and fails, it can badly impact … Read more

Brake Light Doesn’t Work When Headlights Are On – Why?

Brake Light Doesn’t Work When Headlights Are On

Every component of your vehicle plays a vital role. With that, it is essential to ensure that all your car’s components are working and are in good condition. If you are driving at night, one of the most important things working in your vehicle is your lights.  So now, we will talk about the brake … Read more

Average Transmission Temperature (Explained in Detail!)

Average Transmission Temperature

The transmission temperature plays a vital role in every vehicle’s performance. Thus, you can notice that an overheating transmission isn’t a good thing, as you will be forced to stop your engine and let it rest. Now, it may make you wonder what the average transmission temperature is. Thus, you may ask: What is the … Read more

How to Remove Wheel Bearing Without Press? (Explained!)

How to Remove Wheel Bearing Without Press

Wheel bearings are vital in your car’s work performance. Now, the great thing is that if you want to remove the wheel bearing, you can do it at home, but you’ll need some mechanical tools such as a press. Thus, without such a tool, you may wonder if you can still remove it. So, you … Read more

Side Mirror Fell Off: What to Do? (Explained!)

Side Mirror Fell Off

The side mirror provides the driver an essential view to see other cars along the road. Thus, it can seem like impaired vision if one of the side mirrors fell off. If it occurs to you, you may wonder about the best way to fix the matter soon. Thus, you may ask: If my side … Read more

How Long Does Antifreeze Last? (Does It Expire? Explained!)

How Long Does Antifreeze Last

Antifreeze, also known as coolant, is a mixture of ethylene or propylene glycol and water. In general, this mixture circulates in the cooling system of an engine to keep it from overheating. One of the many worries of car owners is how long this mixture can serve their cars. Thus, you may also ask: How … Read more