Driving With Screw In Tire: All You Need To Know (Explained)

Driving With Screw In Tire

Tires are essential in every vehicle. Of course, vehicles will not run without your tires. The tires also carry the weight of your vehicle. With that, tires are included in what you should take care of and ensure good.  Tires must be maintained in good condition, and they should always be checked. However, no matter … Read more

Which Tire Doesn’t Move When a Car Turns Right? (Answer!)

Which Tire Doesn’t Move When a Car Turns Right

Your car’s tires might be a set, but when it’s running, it doesn’t really go in proportion. So especially when you turn, not all tires move. Some don’t really move or turn.  So, which tire doesn’t move when a car turns right? The answer to that is the rear right tire. It’s the same with … Read more

Burning Rubber Smell From Car Tire (Should You Be Worried?)

Burning Rubber Smell From Car Tire

A vehicle might have many sorts of smells; it can come from foods or drinks, but you will identify where and what the smell is. However, if your vehicle smells of burning rubber, then that is something that you should figure the source from. So let us talk about it.  So should you be worried … Read more

Wires Showing On Tire: What To Do About It? (Explained!)

Wires Showing On Tire

Regular tires are steel wires, and they will strengthen the tires from a possible assault or an injury to the tire. However, there are situations that the wires will show on your tires, so we will talk about what you have to do about it.  So what to do if wires are showing on your … Read more

Why Do New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast? (7 Possible Reasons)

Why Do New Car Tires Wear Out So Fast

Tires are a vital part of all vehicles because, without tires, the vehicles will not run. All the car owners have to be conscious about the quality and the condition of their tires, and with that, car drivers have been noticing that their new tires wear out so fast. Let us talk about that.  So … Read more

Car Sounds Like It Has a Flat Tire but Doesn’t (5 Reasons)

Car Sounds Like It Has a Flat Tire but Doesn't

In some instances, you might feel that your car has a flat tire, but it doesn’t because of the annoying sounds. Unfortunately, you can’t escape this situation because it happens to all cars.  So, how will you know a car sounds like it has a flat tire but doesn’t? Rattling, howling, and clicking is examples … Read more

Cracked Tires Between Treads (Is It Safe? What to Do?)

Cracked Tires Between Treads

We usually forget about the importance of our car tires. However, the wheels have the sole contact to the ground, so it is usually the first you need to check, refill, or replace if needed to guarantee smooth and safe driving.  So, what will happen if you have cracked tires between treads? Having a cracked … Read more