Oil in Intake Manifold: What to Do and How Bad It Is? (Read!)

Oil in Intake Manifold

The intake manifold is an engine that supplies the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders. It’s a series of tubes ensuring that the air coming into the engine is evenly distributed to all the cylinders. Now, since it distributes air and fuel, you may find it problematic to see oil in your intake manifold. So, you … Read more

Knocking Noise When Braking: Should I Be Worried?

Knocking Noise When Braking

Breaks are one of the essential things in your car. If it starts malfunctioning, it can put many lives at risk. Thus, it’s no wonder why even a slight noise due to brakes can feel worrisome. When brakes are the issue, it’s no wonder why even a tiny noise matters. So, you may ask: If … Read more

BG 44K Instructions (All You Need to Know)

BG 44K Instructions

If you’ve heard of BG 44K and you want to try it out, you may find it surprising to see only a short instruction written on it. It says: “Just one can of BG 44K® in your fuel tank boost your car’s performance.” It doesn’t give any more instructions other than that one. Thus, if … Read more

How Long to Wait Before Opening Radiator Cap? (Explained!)

How Long to Wait Before Opening Radiator Cap

A simple check on the radiator’s reservoir would be enough to know if you need to change or add water to the coolant. However, it’s not something you can do immediately as the radiator cap can get quite hot if you check it after turning off the engine. Now, you may wonder how long you … Read more

Volvo Engine System Service Required Message: What to Do?

Volvo Engine System Service Required Message

Volvo cars have a service interval indicator and a way to alarm you if there’s something wrong with your unit. Thus, it can be problematic to see your car getting this message. When you see such, you may wonder if it’s something you can ignore or if it’s a big deal to get your car … Read more

Dielectric Grease on Battery Terminals: Is It Ok? (Explained!)

Dielectric Grease on Battery Terminals

If you’re looking for a tool to prevent corrosion in electrical connections, you probably hear about Dielectric grease and thought about buying one. However, you may wonder what it will do if you put some on your battery terminals. Thus, you may ask: If you got some dielectric grease on battery terminals, is it ok? … Read more

OBD2 Has Power but Won’t Connect: What to Do? (Explained!)

OBD2 Has Power but Won't Connect

The OBD2 plays an essential part in a car’s system due to many reasons. For instance, it is a vehicle’s reporting capability and self-diagnostic function. In short, this part gives the owner or the mechanics the current status of your car’s system. For this reason, your OBD2 must connect. So, you may ask: If my … Read more

How to Change Compression Ratio? (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Change Compression Ratio

Changing the compression ratio is an excellent idea for several reasons. First, assuming that the added compression is not excessive, adding compression is the best way to improve power while also improving efficiency. For this reason, you may wonder about what compression ratio means and how you can change it. So, you may ask: How … Read more

What Is O/D Off On Dashboard? (Explained!)

What Is OD Off On Dashboard

If you have a vehicle and that vehicle has an automatic transmission, it also has standard overdrive (O/D) function on the gear shifter. So if you want to know what O/D off on the dashboard means, this article is meant for you. So what is O/D off on the dashboard? The overdrive function in your … Read more

5 Reasons Why Starter Not Engaging + How To Fix It (Explained)

Reasons Why Starter Not Engaging

There are many reasons why your starter is not engaging when you are turning your engine on. This situation is stressful, especially if you have somewhere vital that you have to be. With that, it is essential to know the possible reasons why your starter is not engaging.  To add, it is also essential to … Read more