Is It OK to Slightly Overfill Engine Oil? (Explained!)

Is It OK to Slightly Overfill Engine Oil

The engine oil is one of the crucial components of every car. Thus, it’s one of the things most drivers pay attention to. Since it’s one of the things they check most, it’s also one thing that usually goes wrong. One common mistake would be overfilling it. Thus, you may ask: Is it OK to … Read more

Overfilling Engine Oil by 1/2 Quart or 1 Quart (How Bad?)

Overfilling Engine Oil by Half Quart or 1 Quart

The oil chamber in car engines doesn’t automatically stop whenever it reaches a certain amount. Thus, overfilling it can happen from time to time. Of course, the result would depend on how much excess oil you put. Thus you may wonder how bad would it be if you overfill your engine with 1/2 quart to … Read more

What Color Should Oil Be On Dipstick? (All You Need to Know)

What Color Should Oil Be On Dipstick

The engine oil plays an essential part in the performance of every vehicle. Thus, it’s one of the components every driver should always check. Aside from having the proper amount, the color of the oil is another thing to consider. Essentially, the color tells some crucial things about your engine. So, you may ask: What … Read more

Why Does My Oil Turn Black so Fast? (Should You Be Worried?)

Why Does My Oil Turn Black so Fast

The engine oil isn’t a one-time changing component in your car. Since it runs with the engine, it gets exposed to soot and other particles, wearing it out in time. It’s for this reason that an oil change service exists. However, you may find it problematic to see your oil turning black quickly after the … Read more

BMW 325i Oil Reset (All Models)

BMW 325i Oil Reset

You can have your BMW’s oil changed by a mechanic. But you can also do it yourself. After changing your oil, you need to reset your oil change light.  You need to reset it so that your BMW can accurately track your following oil change. After the oil change, you need to reset the oil … Read more

BMW 325i Oil Change Interval (All Models)

BMW 325i Oil Change Interval

An oil change is critical car maintenance. As a driver, you must know the importance of an oil change. Changing your BMW’s oil is essential to maintain the viscosity of the motor oil.  The oil must be thick enough so that it can adequately lubricate your BMW’s engine. If you do not change your oil, … Read more

BMW 325i Oil Type (All Models)

BMW 325i Oil Type

An oil change is one of the essential car maintenance you have to do. The oil change can largely determine the longevity of your car and your car’s performance. But as necessary as changing your oil is also using the correct type of oil.  You cannot use any oil for your BMW 325i. The oil … Read more