Will Water Pump Leak When Engine Is Off? (Explained)

Will Water Pump Leak When Engine Is Off

Have you ever noticed that there is water that is pooling under your vehicle? If you see that there is fluid under your vehicle, a lot of car drivers are worrying. Sometimes, this does not mean any serious harm, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  So will your water pump leak if … Read more

How Much Is Coolant And Coolant Change? (All Information)

How Much Is Coolant And Coolant Change

You should check your coolant level regularly. You also need to top up your coolant, and you also need to change your coolant if necessary. If you have a low coolant level, this can cause overheating in your engine.  So how much does the coolant and coolant change? The price of the coolant is different … Read more

Coolant Reservoir Full But Radiator Empty: Why And What To Do?

Coolant Reservoir Full But Radiator Empty

The cooling engine of every vehicle has a vital part in the regular and efficient operation of the engine in all automobiles. A lot of people ask why their coolant reservoir is full, but their radiator is empty. So this article will focus on the reasons, signs, and solutions if your coolant reservoir is full, … Read more

Average Coolant Temp: What Is Too Much? (Different Models)

Average Coolant Temp

Coolant is a vital fluid for your vehicle. With that, car drivers have constantly been checking and refilling their coolant so that the coolant level will remain sufficient. However, many car drivers have been asking what the correct and average temperature of the coolant is.  So what is the normal or average coolant temperature? For … Read more

Burning Coolant: Is It Normal? What To Do? (Explained!)

Burning Coolant

While coolant plays a vital role in the engine’s operation, a coolant can also have a lot of problems. One of these problems is the kerning coolant. A lot of drivers have reported that they have a burning coolant.  So is burning coolant normal and what can you do about it? An engine coolant does … Read more

Freon Vs Coolant: What Is The Difference? (Explained!)

Freon Vs Coolant

Many car drivers think that a vehicle’s coolant and Freon or refrigerant are the same types of chemicals. They also think that coolant and Freon have the same purpose and function. So now, we will be going to talk about the difference between Freon and coolant.  So what is the difference between freon and coolant? … Read more

Does Coolant Evaporate? (All You Need To Know Explained!)

Does Coolant Evaporate

Many car drivers notice that their coolant is disappearing. This is not good for car drivers because coolant is vital to the engine of all vehicles. If you have the same observation, let us talk about the reason behind it.  So does coolant evaporate? The answer is yes, coolant does evaporate naturally. This is the … Read more

How Much Coolant Loss Is Normal? (Does It Happen? Explained)

How Much Coolant Loss Is Normal

Many of you already know that coolant is disappearing. Some car drivers think it is not normal, and some would say that coolant loss is expected. You might be having the same question.  So how much coolant loss is normal? Coolant loss is normal because there is what we call evaporation and coolant evaporates naturally … Read more

Does Coolant Level Drop When Engine Is Hot? (Explained!)

Does Coolant Level Drop When Engine Is Hot

Coolant level drop is already standard for some car drivers. On the other hand, some car drivers are also not aware that coolant usually gets low. So the next question of the people is if their coolant would drop if their engine is hot.  So does coolant level drop when the engine is hot? Coolant … Read more

Are Radiator Stop Leak Products Good Or Bad? (Explained!)

Are Radiator Stop Leak Products Good Or Bad

For years now, a lot of people have been using radiator stop leak products. People have been looking for a product that is effective to make their experience on the road easy and comfortable and a product that they can afford. Unfortunately, leaks are a regular thing.  So are radiator stop leak products good or … Read more