Coke in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Coke in a Gas Tank

If you love coke or at least drink it once or twice, you know the feeling of this delicious sweet drink bubbling its way on your stomach. The sweetness is one thing, and the feel of that carbonated drink is another. Many people put this drink in many recipes, but I don’t get why some … Read more

Ammonia in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Ammonia in a Gas Tank

Ammonia is a compound found in almost any place. It is present in air, soil, and water and is a source of essential nitrogen for animals and plants. In general, you can find it anywhere, and many living things benefit from such. However, if put in a gas tank, you may wonder if it’s also … Read more

Sand in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Sand in a Gas Tank

Everyone knows that anything that isn’t fuel would be harmful to a gas tank. However, as a car enthusiast, you may wonder how other things would affect the engine if you put them in the gas tank. For instance, you may wonder if sand would destroy your engine. So, you may ask: If you put … Read more

Detergent in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Detergent in a Gas Tank

Cleaning detergents might be suitable for our clothes. However, it can be a nightmare for our engines. The cleaning properties of detergents can be a good thing even for cleaning any car’s surface. Thus, you may wonder what a detergent can do if it gets inside a gas tank. So, you may ask: If you … Read more

Syrup In A Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Syrup In A Gas Tank

Adding syrup to a gas tank creates a reaction in the engine because it doesn’t dissolve in gasoline. So what happens when there’s syrup in your gas tank? It damages the system of the engine because the syrup components prevent the circulation of your machine engine. If the circulation of the machine engine gets affected … Read more

Sugar in a Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Sugar in a Gas Tank

The engine that contains sugar in its gas tank will create trouble-causing your car’s engine to stop working. So what will happen if there’s sugar in a gas tank? The sugar will react with the gasoline turning into a semi-solid, gooey substance that will clog up your gas tank, fuel lines, and other parts of … Read more

Salt In A Gas Tank: What REALLY Happens?! (Explained)

Salt In A Gas Tank

A lot of people are wondering what would happen if someone would put salt in a gas tank. If you are also curious about that, keep reading and learn everything you need to know about this matter. So what happens if you put salt in a gas tank? Salt can clog and corrode some internal … Read more