Cross Threaded Bolts: How to Fix It? (Explained!)

Cross Threaded Bolts

Cross-threaded bolts happen due to many reasons, and it all means potential risk and damage. Such a problem can cause a lot of damage. For instance, it can cause improper torque values. As a result, it would create excessive vibration and noise while you run your car. Furthermore, if left unchecked, it can cause damage … Read more

What Does D3 Mean In a Car? (Explained!)

What Does D3 Mean In a Car

Sometimes, terminologies concerning cars can be confusing. For instance, if you want to go in-depth into cars, you may have encountered several terms and words that don’t seem to make any sense. For instance, you may have read of the term D3 in an automatic transmission car’s gear stick, and you wondered what it means. … Read more

Power Steering Fluid Blowing Out Reservoir: How to Fix It?

Power Steering Fluid Blowing Out Reservoir

Power steering offers a whole load of benefits for every driver. First, it offers a smooth turning of the steering wheel without a lot of effort. Without such, you’ll have a hard time turning the wheel and navigating. The thing about power steering is that it’s a system that needs fluid to work. Thus, it … Read more

How Long Do Platinum Spark Plugs Last? (Explained!)

How Long Do Platinum Spark Plugs Last

The platinum spark plugs are known to be much harder metal than nickel alloy, and it is known to have a high melting point. But what about the life span of these platinum spark plugs? Stay to know the answer. So how long do platinum spark plugs last? Platinum spark plugs can last for about … Read more

How Long Do Iridium Spark Plugs Last? (Explained!)

How Long Do Iridium Spark Plugs Last

Every spark plug can give you a lot of time, but they do not last forever, so what about these iridium spark plugs? Let us find out. So how long do iridium spark plugs last? An iridium spark plug can last up to one hundred thousand (100,000) miles or longer. Again, every spark plug in … Read more

How Long Do Silver Spark Plugs Last? (Explained!)

How Long Do Silver Spark Plugs Last

A spark plug plays a vital role in your vehicle’s ignition system. With that, you should know how to take care of your spark plugs, including the range where you have to replace them. Stay for a very informative read about the lifespan of a silver spark plug. So how long do silver spark plugs … Read more

How Long Do Double Platinum Spark Plugs Last? (Explained!)

How Long Do Double Platinum Spark Plugs Last

Spark plugs play a critical role in your ignition system and contribute mainly to your vehicle’s performance. So you need to know when to replace your spark plugs to maintain your spark plug’s good condition. Keep reading for more. So how long do double platinum spark plugs last? A double platinum spark plug can last … Read more

How Long Do Ignition Coils Last? (Explained!)

How Long Do Ignition Coils Last

The ignition coil will serve as an induction coil, and it will convert the twelve (12) volts of the vehicle into a lot more because it is the requirement for the jump of the spark plug gap and ignite the air-fuel mixture of an engine. So what is the lifespan of these ignition coils? Let … Read more

Black Spark Plugs Meaning: What to Do? (Explained!)

Black Spark Plugs Meaning

Spark plugs must be maintained in good condition. If you have a spark plug and are already damaged or ruined, it can give you many problems. These problems are but are not limited to a slow acceleration, misfires in your engine, reduction in your gas mileage, and you might also have difficulty just starting your … Read more