BMW 328i Oil Change Interval (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Change Interval

The fundamental thing to learn about driving a vehicle is the importance of oil. When your vehicle is running, your engine will cause heat and friction because of its moving parts. As a result, the moving parts of your car’s engine can get damaged because of friction.  This is where the motor oil steps in. … Read more

BMW 328i Oil Type (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Type

The motor is known to be the blood of all vehicles. The motor oil keeps the vehicle running. Motor oil is one of the critical things for your car.  The motor oil gives your vehicle an improved fuel economy. Fuel economy is the association between the traveled distance of your vehicle and the fuel that … Read more

BMW 328i Oil Capacity (All Models)

BMW 328i Oil Capacity

Lubrication is a crucial thing for vehicles. Lubrication will prevent your vehicle from overheating by the friction between car parts when your vehicle is running. Lubrication is possible by putting in motor oil.  Motor oil is considered to be the blood of every vehicle. The motor oil will help your car prevent getting so much … Read more

BMW Oil Dipstick (All You Need to Know)

BMW Oil Dipstick

Oil is one of the essential components of cars, and so any driver should check it once in a while. With this in mind, the importance of Oil Dipstick comes to play. However, it’s not for every BMW user. In BMWs, not every model has an oil dipstick, only the older models do, and it’s … Read more

BMW Oil Dipstick Reading (All You Need to Know)

BMW Oil Dipstick Reading

Oil is one of the most crucial components of a car. It keeps the internal parts of the engine lubricated and cool. Further, it keeps the moving parts from grinding against each other. For this reason, it runs out or becomes dirty, which is why checking it is crucial. Such checking is doable with a … Read more

How to Check Oil On BMW Without Dipstick? (Explained!)

How to Check Oil On BMW Without Dipstick

One of the things that put BMW consumers into upheaval is the car company’s removal of the dipstick. In short, if you would get the newer models of BMWs, you can’t manually know if your car oil is low. Since oil is one of the most important things for a car, you may ask: How … Read more

DTC Button On BMW (All You Need to Know)

DTC Button On BMW

If you’re someone who takes an interest in BMW cars, you must have heard about some pretty unfamiliar terms. Thus, you probably ask what they are and what they do. One of the most common features you may wonder about is the DTC button and feature as a beginner. But what is it exactly, you … Read more

Cheapest BMW to Maintain (8 Models)

Cheapest BMW to Maintain

BMW is one of the brands everyone dreams of when they want a car, and the reason is simple. It’s one of the best and well-known brands available in the market today. Whatever your purpose is, there is a BMW car for you. However, these units can also be expensive to maintain. For this reason, … Read more

Are BMWs Expensive to Maintain? (All You Need to Know)

Are BMWs Expensive to Maintain

BMW has some of the most powerful, stylish, and well-made cars available today. Aside from the design, most of the cars they make are great options for everyday drive. However, you may want to consider one of the essential things – maintenance. Thus, you may ask: Are BMWs expensive to maintain? Accordingly, BMW cars are … Read more