UPS Truck Engine (All You Need To Know)

UPS Truck Engine

The bigger vehicle also needs a high-level engine. Like delivery trucks, it needs a more powerful engine than those average vehicles because of their extensive work.  Delivery trucks carry fragile goods; its engine is designed to give these goods smooth and safe traveling without breaking. Ups truck engine is a measure larger than a regular … Read more

Cold Air Intake For Carburetor (All You Need To Know)

Cold Air Intake For Carburetor

Machines contain many complex parts that help them work. Not just that, its features also need support so that it won’t get too hot when in use.  A cold air intake is an essential part of a car engine. It keeps the car engine cool while you are driving. Without it, the machine can support … Read more

Does Check Engine Light Come On For Oil Change? (Explained!)

Does Check Engine Light Come On For Oil Change

Almost all drivers have experienced having an active check engine light. They would experience this incident at least once in their lives, so this makes a significant discussion. Let us learn more.  So does the check engine light come on for an oil change? The answer is yes, check engine light would come on for … Read more

Coolant Light On But Not Overheating (What To Do? Explained)

Coolant Light On But Not Overheating

If the coolant warning light illuminates the dashboard of your vehicle, then this can be a sign that your engine is overheating. So for your vehicle to work and operate, there are a series of explosions made in a combustion chamber. These explosions will move the piston up and down, and it will start to … Read more

Do Diesels Have Catalytic Converters? (All You Need To Know)

Do Diesels Have Catalytic Converters

Vehicles generate fumes and gasses, also known as emissions if vehicles are running. And speaking of gasses and fumes, some catalytic converters and drivers wanted to know if diesel has catalytic converters, so let us find out.  So do diesel have catalytic converters? Yes, diesel has catalytic converters. Catalytic converters help in decreasing the contribution … Read more

Signs Of A Blown Engine And What To Do (Explained!)

Signs Of A Blown Engine

An engine is a complicated but vital machine. The engine is made to convert heat into a force that will turn the wheels from burning fuel. The engine of a vehicle is made of two essential parts.  The first is the engine block, and the engine block is known as the lower section and is … Read more

Best Manual Transmission For Chevy 350 (All You Need To Know)

Best Manual Transmission For Chevy 350

The Chevy 350 is the 20th century’s best engine, and they are sought because it is durable and has a quiet operation and fantastic performance. It has earned its name and disposition for its usability and reliability and its many applications, including boats. Chevrolet first produced the small block V8 as a 256 cubic inch … Read more

Fan Still Running When Car Is Off (Why And What To Do?)

Fan Still Running When Car Is Off

You might be parking your vehicle, and then you turn off the engine and start to walk away, but you notice that your engine cooling fan is still running even if your vehicle has been turned off. There might be some other vehicles who do this usually. It is okay for the engine cooling fan … Read more

How Much Does A V4 Engine Cost? (All You Need To Know)

How Much Does A V4 Engine Cost

People shop for cars and think about the model of the car, the type of the car, the make of the car, the color of the car, and everything else in its physical form. However, the most critical decision is the engine of the car. So now, let us talk about car engines, specifically V4 … Read more

How Much Does A V6 Engine Cost? (All You Need To Know)

How Much Does A V6 Engine Cost

A car’s high-level driving performance is the ultimate dream of all car owners. The good news is that the goal of having a high-level driving performance is now attainable with the V6 engine.  So, how much does a V6 engine cost? Replacing your current car engine with a V6 engine will cost you up to … Read more