5 Signs You Need a Coolant Flush (Explained!)

Signs You Need a Coolant Flush

When your engine starts to heat up while driving your car or starting it, it means your car is in trouble. It becomes a sign that you are using a coolant flush. Why do you need a coolant flush? First, of course, you need a coolant flush to help your radiator not to overheat while … Read more

Why Do F1 Cars Spark? (Explained!)

Why Do F1 Cars Spark

An F1 car is an open-wheeled car, and this means that they have their wheels sitting outside the line of its body, and when you see F1 cars race, they will have sparks all over them. So if you are curious about these sparks, let us enlighten you. So who do F1 cars spark? Sparks … Read more

Uber Jump Start: Will Uber Driver Jumpstart My Car?

Uber Jump Start Will Uber Driver Jumpstart My Car

One of the great things about Uber and similar services is that they get to you quickly and cost cheaper. Thus, you may wonder if you can rent an uber to help you in times of need. For instance, if you have a dead battery, wouldn’t it be possible to have someone’s uber car help … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Jumpstart a Car? (And Who to Call?)

How Much Does It Cost to Jumpstart a Car

Jumpstarting a car takes some effort and a set of expenses for some people. Thus, it’s not something you will usually get for free, especially if you need it on far-flung roads. Another thing to answer is the availability of help around you. Thus, if you ever encounter such an instance, you may ask: How … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Jump Start a Car? (Explained!)

How Long Does It Take to Jump Start a Car

If you’re on the road and your car battery died, you might have planned on calling roadside assistance for a jumpstart. However, one of the questions aside from its cost would be how long it will take. Setting aside the time for the arrival of roadside assistance, you may wonder how long the process will … Read more

Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters? (And Are They Any Good?)

Who Makes Supertech Oil Filters

Every vehicle needs a clear oil, and it should always be made sure that only clean oil enters your vehicle, which is why you need a good oil filter. So, where are these Supertech oil filters found, and who makes them? Let us discuss that. So who makes Supertech oil motors? These Supertech motor oils … Read more

Car Radio Stays On When Car Is Turned Off: What to Do?

Car Radio Stays On When Car Is Turned Off

When your car’s radio refuses to switch off, you may have to deal with some unpleasant repercussions. Car radios don’t use much electricity, but it’s enough to deplete your battery quickly, or even over a few hours if it is towards the end of its life. For this reason, you may wonder how you should … Read more